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  1. Re: Any Way to Find Out if I Am Paying Fair Market Value for a Property

    and this my friend is why you hire a real estate agent, who is most likely being paid by the seller. They have the knowledge that you seek. Look for one that has been involved with a lot of condo...
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    Layoffs and Reductions in Force: Re: 401k Loan and Vacation Time Payout

    "These payments ran from 4/2 until 7/9 or 14 payments"

    Can you clarify? Were you paid during furlough at all? If so, do you mean these payments taken were NOT taken while on furlough? And that...
  3. Re: Tweet Possibly Damage Custody if Returning to Court

    sitting next to Mark47n on this one... especially when you are in a contentious situation with an ex-spouse on what seems to be many matters.

    At minimum your twitter account should be private and...
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    Job Benefits: Re: Using My Pto W/O My Requesting It

    Some states don't allow for "use it or lose it" and regard it as earnings that have to be paid at termination. But I know of no state that controls how or when it is used while employed. That is left...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Therapist Malpractice

    "I know exactly what took place in my courtroom regarding many aspects of our legal system...and none of you can make me unlearn what I now know"

    well I KNOW that the ice cream truck comes to MY...
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    Chapter 13: Re: Complex Bankruptcy

    "It feels like I'm being raped. That may be an exaggeration, but what I am trying to say is that I was treated unfairly. This is why I am fighting.

    If you were walking down a dark street and a...
  7. Thread: Unemployment

    by hr for me

    Re: Unemployment

    some questions --

    what exactly was the reason given when you were terminated? Why did you get terminated? What have they said in writing to UE?

    you've said nothing about how this was wrongful...
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    Ownership Rights: Re: Is Parking in a Public Culdesac Illegal

    are there any signs on who owns the trail? It's possible it is NOT public and only for the use of homeowners and their guests. So you might be careful about using it ONLY when you are the guest of...
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    Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Accured Time While on Worker Comp

    I'd check with your WC carrier to see if it would be considered part of lost wages.

    I'd check your accrual policies for those on unpaid leave (do you accrue for those on FMLA? for example). WC is...
  10. Co-Workers: Re: Did I Threaten My Co-Worker He Claims I Did

    Your employer/HR will decide if this is a threat under their employment policies if it is turned in. May not be the legal definition of a "threat", but employers can and often do have stricter...
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    Interviews: Re: Interview Discrimination

    Probably should have considered that before you ".. had a civil but slightly tense conversation with an friendly-acquaintance Manager X at my local upscale national grocery store over what I...
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    Re: Custodial Called CPS on Me

    I am "loud" sneezer (I call it sneezing like a sailor)......there is absolutely NOTHING I can do about it and I am probably much older than OP and could possibly be a grandparent age to this...
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: Overtime Pay for Shift Differentials

    jinx on payrolguy....we were obviously thinking the very same thing at the same time! I too doubt there would be a ioophole for agencies, because shift diff is also considered for other industries...
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: Overtime Pay for Shift Differentials

    FLSA defines the regular rate of pay when shift differentials effect overtime. It doesn't matter what shift it is, etc, but rather all regular pay for all hours worked must be taken into account. ...
  15. Re: Epsl/ Efmla Request Paperwork Sent to Ee, but Now My Industry is Exempt. What to

    That's fine to question, but that wasn't the OP's original concern or question to this forum. The question is what happens now when they thought they were covered under FFCRA, but have found out...
  16. Re: Epsl/ Efmla Request Paperwork Sent to Ee, but Now My Industry is Exempt. What to

    >My company/industry received confirmation that we are now exempt from EPSL and EFMLA and designated as essential healthcare providers.

    How do you know they aren't? I am going on the OP's...
  17. Re: Epsl/ Efmla Request Paperwork Sent to Ee, but Now My Industry is Exempt. What to

    n March 28, 2020, the U.S. Department of Laborís (DOL) Wage and Hour...
  18. Unemployment Benefits: Re: Does the "Cares Act" Cover Sallaried Workers

    from all I am seeing and have read if you have a cut in pay or hours (which is a cut in pay), you most likely would be eligible for partial unemployment -- not sure how diffefent states are...
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    Criminal Records: Re: Crimes Abroad

    when we run our bg checks, it checks where a person has lived in a certain time period. If out of country, the checker asks us if we want to do the BG check in that country also....our answer is...
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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Spring Break Extended Due to Corona Virus

    agree... have to wonder why you all aren't agreeing to split it like I think most reasonable adults would do... poor kid!
  21. Re: Are Merchants Required to Honor Your Receipt

    I'd just cancel the sale and return the two beanbags...then close the credit card/account with that retailer. It sounds like they found this mistake very early. And it could be that they think you...
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    Re: Office of Inspector General

    So you've already been terminated? What was the reason given? They obviously found enough to terminate you and are now looking at whether charges can be filed.

    A lot is going to depend on the...
  23. Re: Removal of Personal Images on Auxiliary Company Public Facebook Page

    can't you just untag yourself from the photos -- if they are linked to your name, you should be able to do so.....
  24. Other Injuries: Re: Charged with Trespass (Warning) at Club Warehouse, Banned for 1 Year Question

    100% sitting on your bench....
  25. Other Injuries: Re: Charged with Trespass (Warning) at Club Warehouse, Banned for 1 Year Question

    agree I suspect that the fact that you nonchalantly continued shopping AND then after a 2nd incident left without talking to a manager/calling corporate or the police didn't help your cause.

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