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  1. Embezzlement: Re: Possible Embezzlement Charge Coming for

    Unlikely. The Employee Dishonesty policy contains the following condition:

    The word "shall" in any insurance policy means you comply with the condition or you don't get paid.

    I would be...
  2. Embezzlement: Re: Possible Embezzlement Charge Coming for

    It would go to the insurance company, not the employer. If you have the money to pay it, make sure the check is made out to the insurance company.

    Yes and yes. I'm surprised that prosecution...
  3. Transferring Title: Re: Vehicle Sold (by Me) - Buyer Never Transferred Title

    As a practical matter, you can't.

    This kind of situation is very common and the only way to protect yourself is do it at time of sale. For the future, get into the habit of:

    1 - Bill of sale...
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    Service Providers: Re: I Stopped Payment

    He's already said that he sent the check without the agreement of the other person. Ergo, no settlement.

    In addition to your $25,000 attorney fees you will have to pay your "experts" to...
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    Guardianship: Re: Change Name Back

    When he's 18, his name change will be easy.

    Getting the bio father on to the birth certificate might not be so easy.

    Read this:
  6. Robbery: Re: Help,bank Teller Stole Money from Trough Incident

    Go back to the bank, go inside and look for all the cameras and see if any point to where she sits.

    If she did steal the money and the bank folks won't back you up, then she isn't going to...
  7. Robbery: Re: Help,bank Teller Stole Money from Trough Incident

    Is this one of the drive up tellers where you put the deposit in a tray or pneumatic tube? If so, she is probably sequestered in an alcove or something where there's no customer entry and no need of...
  8. Traffic Accidents: Re: Is It Unethical for Attorney to Work with Dr, and Have Said Doctor Increase Fees

    And you'll get less.

    For example, if your claim is worth 10,000, it's worth 10,000 whether the doctor charges 5000 or 2000. See how that works. A savvy claim rep is likely to disallow a lot of the...
  9. Re: Certified Letter Not Received (Proof) - Storage Unit Sold

    You're right. The storage company is off the hook.

    I don't know how far you'll get but the USPS Office of the Inspector General appears to be the place to file a complaint about employee...
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    Social Security Issues: Re: Do I Have a Case

    You and everybody else on Social Security in this country.

    Sorry, no "case."
  11. Claiming Benefits: Re: Pre-Existing Asthma Exacerbated by Formaldehyde Smell

    It was illegal for your employer to tell you not to make a claim. HR and the bosses are protecting their insurance rates.

    You had a right to make the claim and let the insurance company decide.
  12. Traffic Accidents: Re: Is It Unethical for Attorney to Work with Dr, and Have Said Doctor Increase Fees


    I suspect that you found yourself an "ambulance chasing" lawyer in cahoots with a chiropractor that inflates the bill to make your claim larger.

    When I was a liability claim rep I saw...
  13. Behavior Regulation: Re: Having a Hard Time Finding an Attourney

    Would have been nice if you said civil service at the beginning. There may be procedures to escalate your grievances to a higher level than just your municipality.

    However, you want to think twice...
  14. Behavior Regulation: Re: Having a Hard Time Finding an Attourney

    What rules? Unless you are in civil service with statutory rules and regulations, the rules are what the boss makes them at any given moment. If your manager is also the owner or is the right hand...
  15. Re: City Property Maintenance Code Violation - How to Fight It

    Hire an arborist who can evaluate the tree and give you a written report that you can give to the city. Make sure he has experience testifying in court as an expert witness or you'll be wasting your...
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    Federal Taxes: Re: Lock in a Dependent for 2019

    You need to get them to sign this form and file it with the IRS. Keeping a copy for your files, of course.

    Go to the website and check out...
  17. Determination of Fault: Re: Purposely Obstructing Merge. Who is at Fault

    And his story is that you cut in front of him and hit him.

    Everybody blames the other driver. That's why there are presumptions based on statutes. You were obligated by law to yield. You got hit...
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    Re: NYC Police at Fault Auto Accident

    I realize this is a couple of weeks old but deserves comment.

    If you have Collision coverage then whoever told you that is wrong. Your Collision coverage is your primary coverage and your...
  19. Title Ownership: Re: Towing Company in Nevada Refusing Release of Car to Driver, Child of Title Holder

    Towing company. :friendly_wink:
  20. Re: Can a Veterinarian Share a Pets Medical History to an Insurer Without Permission

    When you applied for the policy did the application ask any questions about your pet's medical history?

    When you got your policy, did you read it? Did you read what the insurance company's rights...
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    Re: No One Owns the Driveway

    I did read the post and I understand what is happening. My point is - get this resolved before you buy. Otherwise you might one day find yourself embroiled in expensive litigation.
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    Re: No One Owns the Driveway

    First of all, NEVER believe anything a realtor tells you without verifying it six ways from Tuesday.

    Because of the doubt, you write your offer CONTINGENT on getting a written, recorded agreement,...
  23. Rent and Utilities: Re: Excessive Late Fee Because Jointly and Severally on Lease Only

    That would be my guess. $125 would be about 4.5% of $2800.

    That's how I would have handled it if the entire rent hadn't been paid, regardless of who paid what. And they would all be subject to a...
  24. Repossession: Re: Private Seller, Private Buyer, Buyer in Default, Buyer in Jail, Car Stolen

    That's all I had to read. Incredibly stupid mistake and now you are going to pay for it.

  25. Chapter 11: Re: Motion Filed Before Defendant Filed Bankruptcy

    Depends on what the injunction is all about and what effect it might have on the BK plan.

    You might get a helpful comment if you share the details about the injunction.
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