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  1. Impound: Re: Vehicle Towed by Cop VC 22651 (H) for Arrest. Was Not Driving / Near Vehicle at T

    Did they send you a notice first?
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    Getting Fired: Re: Termination for Recording

    For future reference ...
  3. F Visas: Re: Fiance or Student Visa We Want More Than 90 Days, but Can a Student Get Married

    OP: she would go to school here then?
  4. Speeding Tickets: Re: 55mph in a 50mph Zone

    you have a right to conduct an investigation ... you can ask to view the manual of the SMD if you wish. If they deny you then file for a dismissal for failure to follow a court rule and that it...
  5. Age of Majority: Re: Can 18 Year Old Move Out Even Though I'm Still in High School in Spokane, Wa

    18 is an adult .... but it may be best to stay until you graduate.

    How would you support yourself? Minimum wage isn't going to cut it part time.

    You planning on dropping out of school? Not a...
  6. Establishment: Re: Should I File a Response to the Restraining Order or Go in and Give My Response

    OP should know that ROs can affect other rights, right to own guns, carry guns etc.
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    Other Violations: Re: Ticket for Passenger Not Seatbelted

    Re-reading the thread; I think that the OP may have a plausible claim that the seat belt law, as it relates to a passenger, may be ruled unconstitutional ~ hey, you were wearing one keeping you in...
  8. Discovery: Re: The Judge Said This is What I Need to Do

    Good post. In small claims, discovery is set by the judge. If he said you could start discovery in a vague manner then I would start discovery according to the practice rules governing civil cases.
  9. Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: I Know Im Not Guilty, 21453(A)

    You can FOIA the cop's video and see what that shows ... if it shows nothing that helps you, you are basically screwed. You can do this before pleading not guilty or guilty.

    The cop will testify....
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    Prenuptial Agreements: Re: Revoking a Prenup

    Only if you care about your $$$.
  11. Security Deposits: Re: Landlord Wants to Keep Securioty Deposit and More

    The LL is not required to take a walk-through ... it appears as if you did not request one in writing, so that's a moot point.

    What counts is evidence and this can include: testimony, pictures,...
  12. Student Discipline: Re: Requirements Not Met, School Wants Their Scholarship Paid Back

    What's the kid's major? Law?
  13. Failure to Yield: Re: Wrong Rcw on the Traffic Ticket vs. What Officer Said

    Do a foia request for the recording ... see what shows .. make decision from there ..

    and in WA, you have a right to perform an investigation that could include examining that footage .. but that...
  14. Probation and Parole: Re: Probation Officers - Confidentiality - Does It Exist

    what a nice parent ... calling your kids PO to get him tossed in jail.

    Parent of they year award winner here folks.
  15. Discovery: Re: The Judge Said This is What I Need to Do

    Its not a MOTION its a request. Motions are things you ask a judge to rule on (dismissal, summary judgment, etc)

    If they judge said you can do discovery then do it. If the judge ordered that you...
  16. Appeals: Re: Can I Appeal

    I've had judges eyeball me for a second or two ... waiting for my objection ... which comes of course...

    It is somewhat funny when judges do this because they can see I'm just waiting for the...
  17. Traffic Accidents: Re: How Can I Help Assure a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Me (Via Insurance) is Leg

    OP starts putzing with the case and he may find his insurance company telling him that he is on his own.
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    Trust Administration: Re: How Long Do I Need to Keep Documents

    Courts DO destroy records.

    When dealing with taxes .. keep forever ~ they can always say you never filed and there is no SOL on that ...+other SOL issues previously stated.
  19. Discovery: Re: The Judge Said This is What I Need to Do

    discovery involving the other party includes the main following items:

    request for records


    request to admit

  20. Speeding Tickets: Re: Using Expired SMD Certification as a Defense

    well, its enough to keep out all the speed evidence by the machine...which will make it an easy win.
  21. Speeding Tickets: Re: Error on Ticket

    Its a notice. Its subject to rules of notice pleading, which are minimal.
  22. Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: Road Work Erased the "No" from a "No Left Turn" Lane, I Turned Left and Got a Tic

    I still think that the OP can present a good case .... if the OP gathers and presents only evidence that helps the OP's case ...
  23. Speeding Tickets: Re: Is it a Defense to Rear-Ending Somebody That I Though My Speed Was Safe

    Well, I had a court date last week, can you help me out?
  24. Speeding Tickets: Re: Can I Get Out of a Ticket if I Parked in My Garage Before the Police Came

    You have a standard speeding ticket defense to prepare for if you wish to contest.
  25. Libel: Re: Can You Avoid the Statute of Limitations by Claiming Continuous Publication of Li

    Of course a SOL defense is an affirmative defense - who knows if the defendant would even plead it?

    Its waivable. (sp?)
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