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    Towing: Re: HOA and Car Towing

    Hi. I understand your comment on the car without the wheels being worked on, but this was vandalism -- a theft. I understand it needed to get fixed, but finding the tires removed and the sticker on...
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    Copyright Law: Copyright Law and Nonprofit Website

    A guy that use to work with a nonprofit organization made up a website. The root problem is rather complicated, but there was a board of directors that were all his family(different problem) On the...
  3. Towing: Re: Car Towed by Different Towing Company Florida

    You are correct, the signs are for information. When I called the company listed on the sign the guy that answered said his computer was down and he didn't know about the car. When I called the HOA...
  4. Towing: Car Towed by Different Towing Company Than Was Listed On the Sign

    My car was towed to another company than the one listed on the sign at my townhouse in Florida. The company name, phone number and address are different. If I called the listed company and they...
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    Towing: Car Towed As in Storage While Owner Away

    State of Florida.

    My car was towed from a guest parking spot near my townhouse. There is a HOA that enforces the rules. They state that if a car does not move in a certain period of time that...
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    Towing: HOA and Car Towing

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida

    I own a townhouse unit in south Florida. My son lives in the unit full time, and has for the past 5 years. Last night his car...
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