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    Breaking a Lease: Breaking a lease

    can i break my lease due to an infestation of ants in my apartment i have three small children that are being bitten daily i informed management several times and all i get is a scripted response...
  2. Repossession: How to turn over a car to the finance company if you can't make the payments

    how do I turnover a car to the fianance company if I cannot make the payments?
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    Sales Agreements: Returning a New Car

    i recently puchased a new car and decided to give it up what do i face if i do this:cool:
  4. Banking: What are the Best Ways of Obtaining Credit

    I have no credit card, don't make much $ but am very good @ saving up $. What should I do ? Should I save a few hundred dollars & then ask the bank to lend me the $ & then pay them back in a certain...
  5. Credit Reports: For a good credit score is it better to have debt "in good standing" or lower debts

    After checking my credit reports for my wife and myself, I found an almost maxxed out $5000.00 credit card account on both that actually belongs to my mother. The payments have all been made on time...
  6. Banking: Does Federal Regulation Limit D Ever Come Off Of a Bank Account

    My friend has been asking around and nobody really seems to know. Even my banker says he'll have to get back to me later. I know what it is (all too many times I had to spot him), but we're wondering...
  7. Credit Reports: Can obligation from an accident affect your credit and the abillity to get a job

    I was in a no fault car accident in Oct. 2005. I did not have gap insurance so they only paid for what the car was worth leaving me with a balance. The car is totaled (ofcourse) because i am no...
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    Rent and Utilities: Being Charged A Lot Of Late Rent Fees

    hi i live in ft worth tx and want to know if it is legal to charge me $50+$10 a day late fee my rent is $1075 at an apartment complex can you help me with this

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