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  1. Suspension and Revocation: Re: License Revocation for a Second Time on a Single DUI

    I dont have gloves on, I am just stating the facts. The DMV doesnt need to wait for courts. The license is never automatically reinstated after suspensions in any state. (fees need to be paid)
    So in...
  2. Suspension and Revocation: Re: License Revocation for a Second Time on a Single DUI

    He didn't say he refused to take a test. He said he was arrested. If you don't know then don't assume things and relay wrong information. People are here to learn not have you assume facts and...
  3. Re: Suspended License and Driving in Another State

    Don't trip my brother. The only thing that you need to drive is a car, keys and some road beers. Listen, just don't get caught. Keep your beers wrapped up out of sight, make sure you have a seat-belt...
  4. Re: How to Get a License in Another State After a DUI

    Im not going to argue with you about facts. You think that computers don't have prompts? Say for instance you try to log into a restricted area. You enter the wrong password. It stops you, "who has...
  5. Re: How to Get a License in Another State After a DUI

    I have never been to a government agency and have them assume to ease the experience. Unlikely to have misidentified me as wouldn't the documents required to support my identity required at the time...
  6. Re: How to Get a License in Another State After a DUI

    So true. I've had some extensive experience with this issue, but for the states of CA,AZ,CO. As far as getting your license in another state I know of one legal way, but not sure if it applies to...
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    Re: California Child Support Overpayment

    Thank you...will do
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    California Child Support Overpayment

    My case involves an overpayment I made combined with tax intercepts and the result of an audit determining that support was overpayed for months the child wasn't with the mother. The overpayment was...
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    Re: Getting a Restricted License After a DUI

    call the madatory actions unit. It only matters what dmv considers the previous charge as. I more than likely is dui since you were a minor and your legal limit to operate a vehicle is 0. Since you...
  10. Re: Issued a Driver's License Number Due to DUI, but Never Transferred License

    They will find out. I had Arizona and California license for years, each with dui on them. Recently went to renew my cal license and took me 2 days because of a nationwide system basically setup for...
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    Police Conduct: Re: Police Questions at a Traffic Stop

    Disgusted with the way my medication had made me feel I decided to quit cold turkey and was fine for a few days. As the levels decreased and normal brain regulation was not fully functional I began...
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    Re: State's Playing Dodge Ball with Support

    We didnt move to Mn, she did. I continued to stay in california. She opened the case there to get double money. Thinks it wont wash out in time. I dont expect an arearage at the end what they say...
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    State's Playing Dodge Ball with Support

    My question involves child support in the State of: California and Minnesota.
    Marriage and Divorce occurred in California. Wife moved to Mn after having wage order assigned and visitation set up...
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