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  1. Contract Law: Re: Non Termination of a Contract in Case of Change of Management And/or Control

    You want to know how to draft an agreement between principal and agent whereby neither the principal nor its successors nor its assigns can terminate the agreement? (Forget about adding anything...
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    Working With a Lawyer: Re: Why Do Lawyers Ask Their Clients

    You're hopelessly deluded, as in "trippin"! Plus, obviously starved for attention.

    I was brought up in a family of judges and lawyers and practiced law in federal and state courts for 40 plus...
  3. Debt Collectors: Re: Judgment Debtor Withdrew Cash and Spent Without Any Proof for Spending

    To begin there is nothing available through the civil court system authorizing you or your agents or any law enforcement agency to randomly "check" the debtor's residence, and/or office/storage...
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    Re: Settlement Without Lawyer

    What can you tell us about mechanics liens in the state of Louisiana and the implications and consequences to the property owner?

    Not much I suspect. So don't be so foolish as to think that you...
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    Title Defects: Re: How Do I Acquire Squatters Rights

    Acquire ownership by "squatter's rights"? Sorry, but you'd be out before reaching the plate. Why? For one because of the following:

    "In no case shall adverse possession be considered established...
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    Re: Rental Co Signer Wants Out

    Did you really need to ask if there is a means of avoiding the responsibilities under the lease. Unfortunately the only way out is with the landlord's consent. Sorry for your financial straights.
  7. Disputing Debts: Re: The DOR Released a Judgment Lien for Court Fees Several Years Ago and Now

    Your question appears to place you in the same ilk as some that naively think that when a bank rights off a bad loan that it spontaneously acquits the debt.

    I don't know what if any periods of...
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    Re: Won Without Court

    That just goes to prove that there is some goodness amidst all the badness.

    Then again it might not be all that virtuous were the landlord mindful of the following sentiment:

    "When you to into...
  9. Collection Lawsuits: Re: Small Claims Court for Unpaid Family Law Bills

    As has been mentioned the family court has exclusive jurisdiction with respect to the enforcement of its orders. Moreover a small claims court has no jurisdiction whatsoever with respect to such...
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    Re: On Deed, but Told I Had to Move Out

    Then why this obvious anomaly in your original post?

    "When WE bought OUR house 16 years ago, THE DEED WAS PUT IN BOTH OF OUR NAMES."

    Did you suddenly remember the subsequent quitclaim deed...
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    Re: On Deed, but Told I Had to Move Out

    And I will thank you to read this, please.

    Someone needs to waive a red flag in your face! Why? Because your status as an owner of the property (the deed was put in both of our names) is made...
  12. Re: Former Employee is Claiming She Was Injured, but Was Already Cleared by a Physici

    "Coercion" my foot!

    Perhaps you'd like to direct that that dull-witted remark to the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation accusing that body of "illegally coercing" potential claimants...
  13. Re: Former Employee is Claiming She Was Injured, but Was Already Cleared by a Physici

    Here is my suggestion:

    Send the scammer a copy of Title 33 Chapter 1 of the Georgia Code defining and describing the penalties imposed for the felony crime of Insurance Fraud. * And hi-lite...
  14. Collection Lawsuits: Re: Record of a Judgment but No Record of a Lien

    [QUOTE=ransomedbyfire;1131159]My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: South Carolina

    I have 3 judgments against me from two creditors. I went to my county's clerk of court...
  15. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Collecting Judgement After Winning Small Claims Against a Company (Ca)

    After you find out that a post judgment letter of demand isn't going to work (as if the debtor was unaware of its obligation) then you start here: (Topic: Discovery in aid of execution)
  16. Re: Law Firm is Playing Games with Me, How Do I Proceed

    So you want your entire refund and as soon as possible and it has only been thirteen years or so?

    Have you tried wishing in one hand and spitting in the other? Like wishing that you could...
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    Chapter 7: Re: Chapter 7 After Divorce

    So you and your wife were supposedly adversaries in a divorce action by which: (1) She received the marital home with equity of $300K. (2) You received zilch, but were ordered to pay her personal...
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    Service of Process: Re: Served by a Child What

    What a sob fest! Have you given any thought of undergoing psychotherapy as a means of ridding yourself of this delusional obsession? In the meantime consider your legal options:

    You can respond...
  19. Consumer Law Issues: Re: Need to Know Statute of Limitations Law for Filing Small Claims Suit

    Then what is your response to the Colorado Court of Appeals having resolved that: "the portion of CRS 13-80-103.5(1)(a) referring to liquidated debt and unliquidated, determinable amount pertains...
  20. Consumer Law Issues: Re: Need to Know Statute of Limitations Law for Filing Small Claims Suit

    CRS 13-80-101 General limitation of actions - three years (1) The following civil actions . . . shall be commenced within three years after the cause of action accrues, and not thereafter:

  21. Title Defects: Re: Bad Mets and Bnds on Deed, Title Co is Stonewalling Claim

    Read the standard exclusions on your policy like: "encroachments, boundary issues, and other matters that an accurate survey would disclose."
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    Robbery: Re: Police Lied to the Solicitor and Judge

    I'll make you a small wager that you can't point to any provision in the South Carolina Constitution or South Carolina's Code of Laws wherein there is any mention or reference to "each county having...
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    Robbery: Re: Police Lied to the Solicitor and Judge

    Perhaps you have overlooked the fact that according to the OP the two counties are in the same Judicial Circuit of which there is but one Circuit Solicitor. Being such it might be that one hand is...
  24. Thread: Proof Hearing

    by latigo

    Re: Proof Hearing

    Your question is based on an invalid premise. Meaning that a court is not going to order a "proof hearing" if it has theretofore entered "a default judgment in favor of the plaintiff". In other words...
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    Motions: Re: Whom Do I Sue--the Middleman or the Seller

    You intend to sue to rescind the sale, to get your money back and you don't know who to name as the defendant - the guy whose name is on the title and on your check OR his brother-in-law whose name...
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