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  1. Federal Taxes: Re: Self Employed, Can I Receive a Refund

    You are required, of course, to report all your income on your federal and state income tax returns, even when all your income is cash. You do get to deduct your business expenses and take any other...
  2. Consumer Law Issues: Re: Is Returning a Purchased Used Car Consumer Law

    That would be a right of rescission. I don't know any state that provides for a right of rescission for a used car sale from a dealership, but if any do I am willing to bet it is a cooling off period...
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    Criminal Records: Re: Crimes Abroad

    Any country other than the U.S.
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    Re: Civil Lawsuits

    Other countries have different labor laws than we do. So suing a foreign employer for wrongful termination wouldn't really mean much here, though of course it's hard to know what any employer will...
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    Re: Civil Lawsuits

    Well, that would explain the dismissal of the entire case. Your complaint about something that foreign persons did to you while you were living in a foreign country would have to be resolved in the...
  6. Disability and Elder Law Issues: Re: Stimulus Check Payment Disabled Did Not Do Taxes

    Does she get Social Security disability or Social Security retirement income? If she does, then the IRS is directed by the Act to use the information from the SSA Form 1099 to make the stimulus...
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    Re: Civil Lawsuits

    Diversity is not a cause of action. It is a basis for jurisdiction to file a civil lawsuit in U.S. District court when the case does not involve either an issue federal law and the federal government...
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    Re: Osha and Coronavirus

    In the absence of OSHA regulations that detail specific covid-19 safety requirements that employers MUST follow you run the risk that the employer may fire you if you don't come and there might be no...
  9. Re: My Tax Refund Was Offset to California EDD

    You have to deal with EDD to either get the offset order lifted before the IRS does the offset (which likely won't happen fast enough) or get your money back. The EDD put in the order and the IRS has...
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    Re: State Lockdowns

    No idea. You didn't even mention in what state you live.

    The virus itself is very real. There in no hoax on that. What the response to it is hard to really say since the information we have on it...
  11. State Taxes: Re: Amending (Very) Old Tax Returns for Foreign Tax Credit

    There are several exceptions to the general 3 year rule for claiming refunds. One of those exceptions is for foreign tax credit (FTC) claims. For those claims, the SOL for claiming a refund is 10...
  12. State Taxes: Re: Amending (Very) Old Tax Returns for Foreign Tax Credit

    I have not seen those French forms to know what they contain, but presumably they clearly show what tax was withheld. If those taxes are similar to, say, FICA withholding in the U.S. where the tax is...
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    Re: Should I Be Paid As W2 or 1099

    Just be aware that the company will find out who filed the inquiry should the IRS need to contact the company for information to make its determination or should the IRS determine that it is your...
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    Re: Should I Be Paid As W2 or 1099

    Are you allowed to do massage for you own clients (i.e. people not connected with ABC) and do you in fact do massage for your own clients? Do you have another job/business that you work for the hours...
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    Federal Taxes: Re: How Does 1099-C Affect Spouse

    The effect it has depends on the details of your situation. While in general discharged debt is taxable income, there are several exceptions to this rule. For credit card debt, the most common...
  16. Federal Taxes: Re: Child Tax Credit Part Year Overseas Residence

    Whoa, just to be sure we are clear here, as a U.S. citizen you are subject to tax on your worldwide income, even when living outside the U.S. While you can exclude at least some of your earned income...
  17. Retailers: Re: Art Gallery Will Not Sell Me the Artwork nor Will They Freely Return My Money Pai

    No, the court would not — and could not — force him to do that. What the court would award rxx4 is a judgment for money damages for the breach of contract.
  18. Federal Taxes: Re: Child Tax Credit Part Year Overseas Residence

    You either get the credit or you don't. It's not prorated based on presence in the U.S. See Publication 972 for the rules on claiming the credit. One of the requirements is that the child must...
  19. Sex Offenses: Re: Wrongful Conviction- and I'm the "Victim"

    While likely true, I think that narrowing exactly what the OP would like addressed would be helpful in focusing the discussion to help her get what she's looking for.
  20. Sex Offenses: Re: Wrongful Conviction- and I'm the "Victim"

    You are reading into the rule more than is there. The rule simply addresses when the defendant may waive his right to a jury trial. It does not on its face directly address whether the state has a...
  21. Re: Obligation of HOA to Notify Owner of Dues Increase

    (Bolding added.) States vary on what the security deposit may be used for. I've not researched that for California. However, even assuming that it could be used in that manner, what you wrote that I...
  22. Re: Obligation of HOA to Notify Owner of Dues Increase

    It's not quite as black and white as Lizard made it seem, but the landlord accepting the old rent amount after the rent increase was to take effect may be considered a waiver of the increase for the...
  23. Sex Offenses: Re: Wrongful Conviction- and I'm the "Victim"

    In at least most states, both the defendant AND the state are entitled to a jury trial if they want it. Pretty much in every case at least one side wants a jury. This is why you very, very rarely see...
  24. Transfer of Title: Re: Titling and Registering Car Under Out-Of-State LLC How to

    And what advantage are you looking for out of this?

    Ask your insurance agent, and make sure you disclose all the facts.
  25. Re: Gift Received As Money Order from an Almost Unknown Person

    I suggest you take a photocopy (or a good photo of it with your cell phone) and then deposit the money order. If the check is good, you'll have $3,000 to use. If the check isn't good, the bank might...
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