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  1. Education Law Issues: Re: Can Tuition Increase Midway Through Semester

    In my experience, it's the registrar who charges tuition, not the financial services office. What made you think you were now a resident for tuition purposes?
  2. Student Loans: Re: My Father Took Out Student Loans in My Name Without My Signature or Approval

    Whichever parent you lived with last or the parent who supported you the most in the last 12 months at the time of filing is the parent whose income goes on the FAFSA, no matter what agreement your...
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    Survivors Benefits: Re: What's the Rule on Survivor Benefits

    When my mother passed we were required to return her last payment to SS too.
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    Layoffs and Reductions in Force: Re: Negotiating a Severance Agreement

    So you're getting 40 weeks pay, a pro-rated bonus, unused vacation, and job placement services and that's not good enough?
  5. Changing an Adult's Name: Re: First Name Spelled Differently on Birth Certificate

    You'll probably have to contact each institution individually with a copy of your birth certificate in hand.

    If your parents are still alive, you may want to verify how they wanted it to be...
  6. Re: the George Floyd Situation, Et Al. I Have an Idea on How to Help, but Have No I

    Here's the other side of your suggestion (no flames, please) --

    Why don't we each own our behavior and accept the consequences of our actions? If you knowingly pass a fake $20 and are caught,...
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    Re: Notary-Signed Repayment Promise

    So true! When I thought students were being less than truthful, I used to ask for a notarized statement from the parent.
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    Safety and Health: Re: Safety at Work with Coronavirus

    First you insult Jack and then you want to discuss the issue with him privately? :confused:
  9. Education Law Issues: Re: Is a University Liable if a Student Receiving Financial Aid is Lying About Income

    Universities and colleges are not required by law to take a change in your income into consideration, but almost all do. But at many, a voluntary reduction in income to return to school would not be...
  10. Disestablishing Paternity: Re: Can an Adult Child Request a Paternity Test from Legal Father

    Most of the DNA tests you see advertised require a saliva sample from the person to be tested (you spit into the tube until it's full), so I don't see how you will get a sample without the father's...
  11. Tuition: Re: Even I'm Not Going to Classes and Living in Us Anymore, I Continue Being Charged

    I would be surprised if your school had a refund period that was longer than 4 weeks into the term. Once the refund deadline has passed, you owe for the entire term whether you are still attending...
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    Changing an Adult's Name: Re: Birth Name Was Never Legally Changed

    Did you try going directly to the DMV with your marriage license, showing that you were changing your name?
  13. Re: Authorized and Legally Parked Vehicle Towed on College Campus with No Warning

    Any chance this college assigns email addresses to all students when they enroll?

    If so, I'll bet dollars to donuts the notice was emailed. I just retired from a college where this is what would...
  14. Thread: Divorce

    by paddywakk

    Divorce: Re: Divorce

    If you honestly believe your children have damaged your 5 year old home to the extent that it cannot be sold, you need to rethink your parenting style.

    Don't listen to your soon-to-be ex. Have a...
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    Re: Should I Get Gap Insurance

    Get it. My nephew didn't because he thought it was too expensive, and when he rolled and totaled his truck there was a $3000 difference between what he owed and what it was worth (and therefore what...
  16. Interstate Issues: Re: Interstate Issues with Already Existing Ro and Custody

    I have to ask, if you are a legal resident of CA why are you filing for divorce in NY? Why not file in CA?
  17. Traffic Court Issues: Re: Challenge or Deferral of Speeding Ticket in Wa

    What most drivers don't realize is that speeding to pass another vehicle is still speeding.
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    Re: Custody and Visitation in Different States

    Many thanks to all who replied! I believe he needs an attorney, and will pass on all your feedback
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    Re: Custody and Visitation in Different States

    Thank you for you help.

    I should say that I work in a economically depressed area, and we have many older students who have never used a computer, so I'm not surprised - some seem afraid of doing...
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    Custody and Visitation in Different States

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Arizona.

    I'm posting for my older brother, who has never used a computer before. All opinions, advise, etc are welcome.

    He's lived...
  21. Hiring: Re: Can You Legally Use a Pseudonyms on Your Résumé

    My employer requires that applicants submit sealed, official transcripts with their application for jobs that required degrees (most of them do). If someone doesn't, they have an incomplete...
  22. Re: It Should Always be Legal to Back Into a Parking Spaces

    YOU picked that vehicle to drive. I would think you knew how you would have to park. A variety of beach cities along the southern CA coast have been enforcing that law in one way or another since I...
  23. Termination of an Easement: Re: 50 Cents is Not a Just Payment for a Duke Energy Easement

    I'm no attorney, but I can't see how Duke Energy would owe you interest compounded daily for 55 years. Your grandparents accepted .50 for the easement.
  24. Agents and Brokers: Re: Does a Seller's Agent Have to Inform a Prospective Buyer About Higher Offers

    look, agent probably thought you'd have to be crazy to offer $800K for that property, which is why he said it would never go for that much.

    2 hours later, someone offers exactly that. All offers...
  25. Student Loans: Re: Can a School Issue a Student Loan Without Your Permission

    Dollars to doughnuts you signed whatever financial aid paperwork was placed in front of you, possibly even something that was included in your admissions application.
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