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    Re: Car Dealer

    Jogarcia, your old car, the one you traded in. Was that a leased car or did you own it? If you owned it, were you still making payments on it?
  2. Re: Is the Public Defender Giving My Aunt False Hope

    False hope for what?

    That the abusive low life comes home?

    And next time puts the 4 bullets into her and her daughter.

    Wake up, auntie.
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    Re: Car Dealer

    I'm assuming leased car vs new car means that you have BIG $$$$$$ riding on this.

    I suggest you have an attorney look at all your paperwork.

    I wouldn't put it past the car dealer to be...
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    Construction Contracts: Re: HOA and Fire Sprinkler Renovations

    I agree.

    Unfortunately, the should and the do are two different things.

    You can approach your HOA board with the request but don't be surprised if they say no.
  5. Cleaning and Repairs: Re: My Tenant Left a Ton of Stuff when He Moved Out. Now What

    You're only feeding the troll when you respond like that. Best to ignore him.
  6. Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: Michigan Traffic Enforcement Requirement

    You make much of the lack of a detour sign and you should certainly bring that up in your defense.

    But I think that a "no thru traffic" sign does not need a detour sign. You intended to use the...
  7. Cleaning and Repairs: Re: My Tenant Left a Ton of Stuff when He Moved Out. Now What

    I think you need to get out of the landlord business. It's no place for amateurs.
  8. Thread: Bats

    by adjusterjack

    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Bats

    Here's your problem. You rented a crappy place from a slumlord. You leave, he keeps your deposit. You sue for the deposit and it takes months to get to court. You spend money on filing and process...
  9. Surveys: Re: Neighbor Dug Up Surveyor Corner Marker Rod, What Are Consequences of This

    You can go to court and seek and injunction or restraining order.

    Or sue her for private nuisance or tortious interference.

    The removal of the marker rod is certainly a crime but since it's a...
  10. Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: Michigan Traffic Enforcement Requirement

    You drive up to the road and you see a set of signs:

    Road Closed Bridge Out
    No Thru Traffic
    Drive Slow

    The road is 4.5 miles long and you expressed that you are familiar with the road, used...
  11. Thread: Required

    by adjusterjack

    Contracts and Agreements: Re: Required

    Why wouldn't you wear a mask? Are you stupid?
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    Disputing Debts: Re: Notified of Lien. How to Dispute?

    Sorry, but it IS your debt. You guaranteed to pay it if the other signer didn't. That's what co-signing means.

    There's nothing to dispute. The judgment has your name on it. You owe it as much as...
  13. Re: Can 30 Year Old Son Serve Divorce Papers

    Amen to that.

    Hire a professional process server. That way it gets done right and the proper papers are filed with the court.
  14. Re: Seatbelt Ticket in My Jobs Parking Lot

    He also took his seatbelt off while the car was moving. The officer didn't light him up until then.
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    Re: Designated Driver/DUI

    Did you pass it? Were you breathalyzed? Results?

    Did you indulge in even the slightest amount of alcohol? You've managed to avoid that question.

    That's right. Once the prosecution makes a...
  16. Re: Mechanics Lien on Property from Contractor

    You don't have any rights. You had the plumber do the work, you pay his bill. You didn't ask about the cost. That's on you. You don't get to argue price after it's done.

    And, yes, he can file a...
  17. Wills: Re: Will by Non-Resident to the Residents

    "Any more"?

    Why didn't the testator create a will while still a resident?

    There's no reason that a California attorney can't create the will per the testator's instructions and send it to...
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    Re: Retrainting Summons

    My 2 cents worth. I suggest you continue your efforts to get a restraining order. Otherwise nothing stops him from coming back. A restraining order, at least, will get him jailed if he violates it.
  19. Copyright Law: Troll alert.

    Troll alert.

    blandiya, you're asking a question on a two month old thread that has already been answered.
  20. Impound: Re: Dealer Car Was Impounded Due to Unpaid DMV Fees

    You could get 100 opinions on the internet and none of them will do you any good. If you want to take this to court the car will sit in the impound lot racking up fees for months.

    You're between a...
  21. Re: Liability Concerns for Dpoa Who Sold a Boat That Might Have a Lien on It

    I'm glad you got this resolved.
  22. Recovery of Premises: Re: Tenant Agreed to Move Out, then Doesn't

    The owner is an idiot for doing that. Should have waited until the tenant was out before committing to the next house. What happened was almost inevitable.

    Right. After the first screwing, the...
  23. Re: Some Clarification on Filing for Bankruptcy

    If those weren't bankruptcy lawyers then I suggest you find a bankruptcy lawyer.
  24. Re: Liability Concerns for Dpoa Who Sold a Boat That Might Have a Lien on It

    That's BS. Refusing and ignoring mail doesn't mean he wasn't properly served notice. That notices were sent by registered mail implies that the marina owner is likely to be able to prove proper...
  25. Regulations and Procedures: Re: Building Permit a Neighbor Put Up a Steel Garage Snow Dumps on My Property

    No, it's not 2.4 tons.

    It's 1.4 tons.

    A ton is 2000 lbs.

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