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    Auto Insurance: Re: Test Drive and Damage to My Vehicle

    Canadian law isn't covered by this forum, but in America this would be covered under your personal collision/glass insurance. The only time an insurance company might try to dispute it is if the...
  2. Drug Trafficking / Distribution: Re: Im in a Fishy Legal Situation.

    Yes, but he is facing 7 years in prison. Depending on the seriousness of the situation and the age of the person involved, yes, I'd think about fleeing the country if I were in a similar scenarios....
  3. Drug Trafficking / Distribution: Re: Im in a Fishy Legal Situation.

    I think the OP is trying to distinguish between addictive/physically harmful chemicals versus mentally harmful chemicals. I'm pretty libertarian leaning on personal possession laws, but dealing drugs...
  4. Drug Possession: Re: Caught with Very Little Marijuana, What Will Happen

    Your point while taken doesn't help the OP. The OP knew that possession was illegal in his state and still choose to carry it in his/her car where is could easily be found if stopped or searched. I...
  5. Determination of Fault: Re: Being Blamed for a Car Accident That Wasn't My Fault

    For future reference, you need to collect money on the spot if you intend to settle outside of the insurance. Too easy for something like this to happen. I had a similar incident happen once and I...
  6. Juvenile Court: Re: Marijuana Possession and Alcohol Possesion

    You already know what the charges are by the tickets you were given. Look up the statues you were charged with and take a look at the maximum penalties. You'll end up something less (hopefully far...
  7. Probation and Parole: Re: How to Get an Early Release from Probation

    I was on probation back in the day and requested an early dismissal. The first request was denied by a judge about two weeks after I made the attempt. About a year later, another request was made and...
  8. Service Providers: Re: Bell Internet Refusing to Refund Deposit for Services That Were Not Provided

    My experience with telecommunications companies is that they can be very slow and frustrating to work with on issues like this. While this forum doesn't cover Canadian law, your plan to take them to...
  9. Defamation: Re: Can I Sue My Past Daycare Provider for Slander and Defamation

    Of course you can sue, but without any more details it's very hard to determine if you have a valid case. An attorney familiar with the laws in your state can make a better determination if your case...
  10. Seat Belt Violations: Re: Seat Belt Ticket Given While Wearing Seat Belt

    If your story is the correct account of the events, then the police officer had no right to give you a ticket. I can't foresee any reason why an LEO would lie to give you a ticket but I imagine that...
  11. Security Deposits: Re: Roommate Wants Prorated Rent Refund After Moving Out

    Unless your written contract says otherwise, the last months rent should have been paid directly to you and the security deposit is used to cover damages/cleaning. It sounds like you did not have a...
  12. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Tenants Want to Use Their Security Deposit to Make Repairs While Still in Residen

    Your gut is correct here. Make them pay for their damages to your unit. As everyone else has said, the deposit is for covering any damages discovered when they move out and spending it now would be a...
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    Drug Possession: Re: Sibling Doing Drugs

    Why are you meddling with your mothers affairs? If it's her house, she should be calling the cops to deal with your brothers drug problems. It sounds like a dysfunctional family to me.
  14. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Uninteded Shoplifting, No Police Called

    It's a tough situation to deal with if it wasn't your fault, but it's also a very common excuse to blame the theft on a child. The LPs knew about the items hidden by the car seat because they saw...
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    Trials: Re: Do I Have to Show for Jury Duty

    I'm glad my life isn't that exciting.
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    Minor in Possession: Re: Minor Caught With Beer

    State laws vary so you need to look at the statue you were charged with and find out what the potential penalties are for breaking that law. Just Google the statue number along with your state and...
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    Probation and Parole: Re: Leaving USA While on Parole

    Do you intend to ever return to the United States? It's very possible that you would be able to leave this country and go to Scotland, but be prepared to face a host of serious legal repercussions...
  18. Drug Possession: Re: What to Expect After Getting Caught With Marijuana

    It's a misdemeanor offense so yes it will go on your record if left uncontested. Given the charge, I'm sure you were assigned a court date. While it would be simpler to forgo your defense and just...
  19. Auto Insurance: Re: Teen Driver, No Permit, No License, Totaled Family Car

    In many states, accidents reaching a certain threshold of monetary damage (usually somewhere between $400-$1000) will be reported to the police by the towing/salvage company when they clear the...
  20. Juvenile Court: Re: Juvenile Marijuana Possession First Offence

    This is a misdemeanor charge and you are facing up to 1 year incarceration and/or a $1000 fine. (source: So yes you should get a lawyer. Now it's...
  21. Determination of Fault: Re: Test Driving Collision in California

    It's a little bit hard for me to understand the sequence of events the way you wrote them. It's possible that your collision is covered under an insurance policy. You should first determine if the...
  22. Reckless Driving: Re: Didn't Do Anything Wrong, Cop Gave Ticket Based on Heresay of Other (Guilty Party

    Although it's frustrating to deal with this, you will get a brief chance in court to explain your side of the story. If the cop did not actually witness the incident, then he cannot testify that he...
  23. Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Asleep at Wheel Keys in Trunk on Side of Public Road

    Yes, there is something he can do: Hire an attorney and start getting this mess cleaned up. Unfortunately for your friend, sleeping in your vehicle is not protected and may carry the same penalty as...
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    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Mouse Infestation

    Tell the landlord that the exterminator they hired did not solve the situation and that you insist that a new provider solve the problem. They are not required to compensate you for the stress &...
  25. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Can I Break My Lease Over Maintenance Complaints

    You can go after the landlord to get the things fixed that they are responsible for, but it's only an issue if they refuse to fix those things. Since the toilet is already broken from your slip and...
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