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  1. Collection Agency for Unpaid HOA Fees

    My question involves a condominium located in the State of: California
    I had a condo that was foreclosed in Feb 2008. From Sept'07-Feb 08, I didn't pay HOA. Now the Condo Association had a law...
  2. Foreclosure: Re: First Mortgage Foreclosed With Second Mortgage

    To Senior Member 'moburkes': I'm in the same predicament: Same company (Chase Home Mortgage) who carries 1st & 2nd. 1st is in process of foreclosure now. 2nd is still trying to collect from me but...
  3. Foreclosure: Re: Which Is Better - Short Sale Or A Foreclosure

    Please explain what is meant by 'deficiency judgement' against me if my foreclosed property is sold on auction? thanks.
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    Re: Tax Shelter For A Rented Home

    Sorry for not using the right terminology. I understand that the interests paid on mortgage & property tax are tax deductible. I pay $53,000 per year on these. If I rent this townhouse for $42,000,...
  5. Foreclosure: Can A Bank Or Lender Go After Available Credit Card Credit

    My lender is the same institution as my major credit cards. My credit card has a pretty good sum of credit limit available for me to use for purchases, cash advance, transfer. If I short sale my...
  6. Re: Foreclosure but rent while waiting

    Thanks for quick reply. I bought my home in 2005, the end tail of real state boom valued at $848,000. I owe the same since I'm on interest only plan, low interest OK on my 1st & 2nd. The homes in...
  7. Foreclosure, But Renting While Waiting

    I'm in financial bind. After weighing all the pros & cons of foreclosure, I think I may go foreclosed. The lender has a 3 month window that will allow me to have no payment. On month 4, I will be...
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    Tax Shelter For A Rented Home

    I want to take advantage of the tax shelter (mortgage interest paid & property tax approx. $53,000. per year) on my home. If I decide to rent this house & incur a negative (mortgage + tax = $5,300)...
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