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  1. Hours: Re: Rest Days in Massachusetts- Am I Entitled to a Day Off

    Good golly.
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    Re: Dir Hearing

    Your attorney will tell you what to do at the hearing.
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    Re: Arbitration

    So your attorney has...what? broadly refused to answer your questions? I don't understand this. Why would your attorney refuse (broadly or otherwise) to answer your questions?
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    Re: Arbitration

    So when you asked your attorney these questions, he/she refused to answer them on the basis that he/she didn't want to give you any information?
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    Re: Arbitration

    So why isn't your attorney answering these questions?
  6. Will Contests: Re: Contested Will After Distribution

    OP, what US state are you in?
  7. Background Checks: Re: Contacting Employer

    Won't happen.
  8. Denial & Appeals: Re: In California What is the Legal Definition of a 'Weapon' As It Relates to Employm

    None of this matters. As you've been told several times, it's not the legal or dictionary definition of "weapon" that counts here, it's your former employer's definition that counts. And remember,...
  9. Background Checks: Re: Contacting Employer

    As we have told you, more than 100 times, you have no back-door (or any other door, for that matter) to become re-employed by your former employer. Period.
  10. Getting Fired: Re: Exit Meeting: Verbal vs Documented

    I suspect that this is the guy who wants to be rehired and thinks he has a valid claim with the NLRB for some perfectly normal thing his former boss said during his exit interview...
  11. Background Checks: Re: Contacting Employer

    Agree wholeheartedly.
  12. Background Checks: Re: Contacting Employer

    OMG!!! You just can't leave it alone! Buddy, you are never going to get a job with this company again!
  13. Getting Fired: Re: How to Get Removed from a Company's Do Not Hire List

    You are not going to get your job back. This way or any other way. Period.
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    Disciplinary Issues: Re: Waiver

    You won't get that job back. Ever. Not under any circumstances. Period.

    If you use a private investigator, it will cost you money which you also won't get back. It will seriously irritate your...
  15. Disciplinary Issues: Re: Disciplined

    And your answers are...?
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    Disciplinary Issues: Re: Waiver

    I say bad bad bad on 1 to 3. And I will bet my next paycheque that every single other responder here (well, expect for one, who is always wrong anyway) will say the same as me.
  17. Re: How Far Back Can Gmail Retrieve Messages if Served with Warrant

    Only gmail would know this.
  18. Hours: Re: My Employer Will Not Correct My Hours on My Time Sheet

    You need to wait until the payday happens. If it doesn't show up then, you might consider filing a complaint with the your state or the federal DOL, however they may not be able to do anything about...
  19. Eligibility to Marry: Re: Do I Need to Divorce My Boyfriend to Marry Him Again

    like button :D
  20. Expenses and Reimbursement: Re: Can I Sue My Employer for Failing to Reimburse Me

    like button
  21. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Comp Time

    I suspect that OP is non-exempt, and that he/she is using the term "comp time" incorrectly. I suspect the OP really means "make up time" and that his/her employer is restricting the amount of make...
  22. Theft and Larceny: Re: Valuables Left in Care with Relatives in Locked Box and Now Valuables Missing

    So filing a police report is SOP in the UK?
  23. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Custodial Insist Communication Via Parenting Application I Insist on Phone Calls


    Admins, can you please block this guy again?

    Thank you.
  24. Extortion: Re: Extortion Attempt

    I wasn't asleep, I remember it. But nothing ever happened to me. I only got this email yesterday.
  25. Extortion: Re: Extortion Attempt

    Thanks. The password quoted was also my "low-priority" password, now (and for the past five years) used only for this site.
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