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  1. Transfer of Title: Re: Can a Dealer Withhold Plates Pending Payment of Purchase Balance, After Repair De

    Plain and simple, if you tell the lender now that you did not make your down payment the lender will either request the dealer buy back the deal or request that they release the plates. The plates...
  2. Speeding Tickets: Forgot to Pay a Speeding Ticket, What Happens Now

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: SC

    I received a ticket back in December for speeding. I believe it was something like 54 in a 45. I lost the ticket and honestly forgot...
  3. Sales Agreements: Re: Can a Dealer Not Accept a Credit Union Auto Loan Check

    Since it is a simple interest loan and you did sign. Law contract, there will not be a penalty for prepayment. However, you can pay it off as soon as the check clears your bank. Sounds like te dealer...
  4. Sales Agreements: Re: Can a Dealer Demand Return of a Car After Contract is Signed, Trade-In Paid Off

    What happened is you were offered a conditional approval from the lender based on certain verifications. If they are not performed to the lender's satisfaction, the deal is returned to the dealer....
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    Student Discipline: Re: Cell Phone Confiscated

    This is a tough one. My school, (in SC) would keep your phone 2 weeks for the first offense, 6 months for the 2nd, and for the 3rd they would hold it until graduation. Most kids began giving them...
  6. Registering a Vehicle: Re: Wife Got Ticket for Expired Registration on My Car

    You would have received a letter from your local tax office stating you owe x amount of dollars to renew your plate. And its as simple as walking behind a car to tell if the registration is up to date
  7. Minors' Rights: Re: Is It Legal for a Parent to Pocket Their Child's Money

    In MOST states, a child cannot register a car or insure it if they are under the age of 18. They can certainly be listed as the driver of that car on the policy, but cannot be the policy holder. This...
  8. Repossession: Re: Can a Cosigner Who is On the Title "Repossess" a Vehicle from Delinquent Borrower

    Actually since it is an OR title, you can take it and sell it as long as you pay off the prior loan. You do not even need to refinance, simply take the car to carmax, and make sure you at least get...
  9. Re: Excessive Fees and Charges by a Title Loan Company

    Does it charge a late fee, or is that excess interest? Most title loans are simple interest loans in which the interest adds up by the day, if that's the case then yes, its completely legal.
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    Repossession: Re: Defaulted Title Loan and Co Owner

    It depends. Does the title say Susie and Tom or does it say Susie or Tom? The And/or is a big indicator. If it says or, than yes they can repossess the vehicle and soon they can and most likely will...
  11. Service and Repair: Re: Brake Failure After Being Passed With a Visual Inspection

    It also depends on where you go. The Honda dealership in my town did a visual inspection of mine, noted there were a few millimeters left and they needed to be changed. However, over 10,000 miles...
  12. Sales Agreements: Re: Deposit Refund for a Car Leasing Down Payment

    You knew you would possibly be signing a contract, so you either should've brought your glasses or asked that it be read to you. Never sign anything before you read it. Get a copy of the contract and...
  13. Sales Agreements: Re: Dealership Illegally Pulled Credit Report

    How could they have successfully pulled your credit without your social security number? And again like Jeff said, what are your actual damages?
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    Re: Repossession in North Carolina

    Since he has been late several times in the past, they can legally ask for payoff. That is a common practice among banks to keep from having to repossess cars many times from the same person. It is...
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    Re: Vehicle Warranty Law (Ca); Dealer Trying to Deny Warranty Coverage

    Many times if you do not have the oil changed at the dealership or at least purchase the oil or filter from them, it will void the warranty. I bought a honda civic new from a dealer and in fine print...
  16. Defamation: Re: Previous Boss Bad Reference for the Purposes of Keeping Me from Getting Another J

    It sounds like there's more to the other company's decision then what you think or know. If the person that did the background checks cut him off 2 times and continuously said she did not care to...
  17. Eviction Process: Re: Florida Eviction Question (Tenant Deposited Money After Process Began)

    give him his ten dollars back either in a check or money order
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    Debt Collectors: Personal Property Loan and FDCPA

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: SC
    So my fiance stupidly went to a Loan company (personal property loans) and took out a loan. A week later he lost his job and now i'm...
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    Re: Mechanic Backed Out of Verbal Agreement

    An estimate is just that, an estimate. as for you owing him for actually fixing it, you have no way around it. its very hard to diagnose a problem on a car without actually tearing it down to take a...
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    Getting Fired: Re: Fired Do to Unknown Company Policy

    I too once worked for them, however they explain every policy related to your job before you even touch a register. You take tests, read the handbook, watch videos, etc. And if you were not even...
  21. Traffic Accidents: Re: What I Am Entitled To Receive

    how was the employee negligent? did he run into another car purposefully?
  22. Loan Agreements: Re: I Signed First Loan Contract for a Car but Dealership Forged My Signature on New

    Did you sign a power of attorney form? If so, then you did give them the right to sign your name. always read before you sign.
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    Liens: Re: Finance Company Not Lien Holder

    who is on the lien?
  24. Other Violations: Re: Driving Without Headlights Ticket for Tailights Out

    yep thats it. unless you appear before the judge and he goes easy on you and drops the amount some
  25. Runaways: Re: 17-Year-Old in Maine Running Away to North Carolina

    So don't call cps if you're honestly that scared although, they can't blame your mom if she didn't know what was going on and therefore couldn't fire her. Next time he rapes you or sexually assaults...
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