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  1. Transferring Title: Re: Trying to Get My Car Back From a Friend, Car is Titled in Friend's Name

    The registration is the proof of ownership for vehicles over 15 years old in NH. If you paid for the car, why did you let your friend register it in her name? The minute the registration was...
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    Re: Cleaning Driving Record

    In most States you have to go ten years with no violations in order for your driving record to print clean. Insurance usually goes back 7 years from conviction date when it comes to surcharges. The...
  3. Re: License Suspended Due to Merger of Driving Records

    The time and stress this cost you is nothing compared to the money the State spent in man hours for this investigation to take place
  4. Suspension and Revocation: Re: License Revocation for a Second Time on a Single DUI

    Just read my reply again and am not seeing where I stated that he refused a breath test. I simply stated that it normally goes one of two possible ways, either take or refuse. Perhaps you should...
  5. Re: License Suspension in Ct Affect Ma License

    Mass will not know about the violation unless you are run through NDR by the RMV in Mass. This happens when you apply for license in person and also a few weeks before you are due to renew. Asd...
  6. Re: Suspended License and Driving in Another State

    The officer can and will find the suspension of he runs you by name and you can be subject to the penalties in that State of operating after suspension, which can include arresst in some States. If...
  7. Re: Falsified Use of Name Leads to Suspended License

    Easier, go right to the polic station. They surely have a mug shot of the actual offender. It will be clear that it is not you. Also connect with a hearings officer (or similar type authority) in...
  8. Re: How to Get a License in Another State After a DUI

    No. There is minimal personal information listed on the NDR screens about the individual who is suspended. Name, DOB, license # and offense info. The system checks certain things like name (first...
  9. Re: Involved in an Accident with Out of State Licences Penalties

    Did you obtain a Florida license at any time during your moves back and forth? If so, Mass would have no knowledge of that and if the accident occured on your FLorida license, they would have sent...
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    Driver's License Reinstatement: Re: How Can I Get NDR Clearance

    Missouri will have no specific knowledge of tickets in Indiana and vice versa as Missouri is a non compact law State. They will not share with other States or accept that information from other...
  11. Re: Restricted License in Kansas, Now Live in Iowa

    You are suspeneded in KS ...this barrs you from getting a license in another State. Even if you got o KS and get a license w/ an interlock restriction, it will not be transferred by another State. ...
  12. Re: Denied Driver's License Renewal Due to Old DUI

    Old offenses are a problem because NDR only came into play around 1992. It took many States years to put their problem drivers into the database. In the meantime they were renewing their licenses...
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    Re: Renewing My License in a New State

    You need to pay the tickets and any reinstatement fees owed to that State to reinstate you right to operate before another State will grant you a license. Not all fines effect your driving...
  14. Re: Suspended License in D.C. - Am I Suspended in Tennessee Too?

    If you are suspended in Dc, technically you shouldn't be driving anywhere, even if TN issues you a license. If you are stopped and law enforcement finds the DC suspension, you could be subject to...
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    Driver's License Reinstatement: Re: How Can I Get NDR Clearance

    Completing steps 1-3 will show your status on NDR as "ELG" (eligible for alicense in that State). This means you do not have one but are eligible to apply for one. In some Staes they still convert,...
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    Re: Ohio- Expired License- 4 Years

    Most States have a time frame, generally 4-5 years after expiration, where you would need to retest. If your suspension in PA required retesting to resinstate, you need to test again in another...
  17. Re: How to Get a License in Another State After a DUI

    wrong. The clerk clearly saw the "hit" on NDR and assumed for reaonsa of complete sturpidity that it was not you. It was a clerical error that landed you in jail. It was not hardship license by any...
  18. Careless Driving: Re: Careless Driving and Speeding - Two Citations for One Offense

    If the "character" became more like a divided highway, I'm sure the city would have seen fit to thus, increase the speed limit. The speed limit was posted at 25. Your argument is that it the civil...
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Texas DUI Jurisdiction

    Were you ever in his county that night? In other words, did he perhaps follow you into the other county with his bue lights on??? This would have intiated the "chase" in his County and sometimes...
  20. Suspension and Revocation: Re: License Revocation for a Second Time on a Single DUI

    There are normally two offenses on any OUI case. First, you either take and fail or refuses a breath test. Either of these will result in a suspension of your license which varies from State to...
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    Re: Lifetime Revocation

    Other Countries are not tied into NDR. If you were to apply for a license in another Country , you would more than likely have to start from scratch when it comes to testing requirements. Also,...
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    Re: Lifetime Revocation

    You've compiled quite a driving record for such a young age. I honestly think this is more a question for one of the Attorneys here to answer. I can all but gaurantee that as long as you are...
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    Re: Getting a State ID Card

    The warrant itself will not show up. When you go tot the driver's license office your license info will display. If your license is not suspended for any reason, you simply could just renew it. ...
  24. Re: Recovering My License After a DWI - Can a Lawyer Help

    You knew your license was revoked. You drove anyway. The assesment classes have nothing to do with the fact that you were supended. They were only helpful in getting you reinstated from that...
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    False ID: Re: First Offense Penalties for Fake ID

    In this day and age...don't even bother trying with a fake id. That's from my era....when they actually worked. I know my State has ZERO tolerance....$5,000 fina and jail time. It's not worth it. ...
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