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  1. Foreclosure: Re: How to Get a List of Mortgage Surplus Funds "Claimants"

    You don't get it from the trustee. You get it from the court and all you need is the name of the trustee. The file number would help as well.
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    Land Use and Zoning: Re: What Restrictions Exist on Unzoned Land

    Yes and no. Yes in the fact that there are no restrictions YET. If you go to the city to get a building permit for example they will see it's un-zoned and will have to change that fact before...
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    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Rats in the Rental Unit, How Much is Too Much

    The first thing I would do is contact the local health department. Rats are known to carry diseases so your friend is living in unsafe living conditions.
  4. Disestablishing Paternity: Re: Child Support is Garnishing My Wages but I Am Not the Father

    I agree with most everyone here. There is no way you can cease support. You were irresponsible with things before and now you're paying the price.
  5. Contracts and Agreements: Re: Company Wants to Retroactively Change Payment Structure

    It's arguable if you have correspondences, but it might not be winnable if you don't have a contract. Chances are a judge, based on what you said here, will find some sort of financial middle ground...
  6. Copyright Law: Re: Taking Content from Website That Was Posted by Other Students

    You can't take someone else's work and sell it without their permission. Whether it belongs to the poster or the site is irrelevant. If it's not public domain and/or you didn't write it, it's not...
  7. Traffic Accidents: Can You Sue the Government Over a Broken Traffic Light, Malfunction Due to Storm

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: California

    There was a storm here not too long ago and a friend of mine got rear ended while waiting at an intersection where the...
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    Ann Romney Concerned About Mitt

    I just saw a news story yesterday that showed Ann Romney talking to a reporter on T.V. and she was saying how she worried about her husbands mental well being should he become President. Am I the...
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    Presumption of Paternity: Abortions Based on Sex of Baby

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: Any

    Do you believe that aborting a baby based solely on the sex of that baby is more of a legal issue or moral issue? Personally, I see it as...
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    Minors: Re: Im a 15yr Old Mom and Want to Get Marry with My Babydday Can I

    I would think about this a bit longer as well. You might think that your love will beat the odds of a divorce happening further down the road, but if I were you I would wait a few years to see how...
  11. Licensing: Re: What to Include in a Non-Disclosure Agreement to Send to a Product Scout

    I would err on the side of caution and not worry too much if the other party takes offense at the fact that it is extremely detailed. You have to look out for your best interests first.
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    Discrimination: Re: Professor Gave Student a Poor Recommendation

    If there is a higher authority than the people you've already talked to, talk to them. It sounds to me like you're fighting a losing battle though.
  13. Division of Assets: Re: Division of Marital Estate and Preimarital Assets

    If I were you I would go for a 50/50 split of everything acquired during the marriage. Anything before the marriage should stay with the rightful owner.
  14. Behavior Regulation: Re: Can an Employer Prohibit Political Contributions Outside Work

    A lot more detailed actually. There are a lot of little things when you're dealing with this issue that can change things quite a bit. The size of the comapny and what type it is were the first two...
  15. Contract Law: Re: Signed a Contract with a Corporation That No Longer Existed; Was It Fraud

    Get a lawyer for this one. That company may or may not have tried to pull a fast one, but since you posted this issue here, you obviously have no idea, but a lawyer would.
  16. Modification of Support: Re: Father Retires in Order to Pay Less Child Support

    He does sound like sort of a deadbeat dad, but I don't think you'll be able to prove that he retired for the sole purpose of paying less support.
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    Licensing: Re: Laws Against School Research

    The fact that you are a student in the school where this work was done may get in the way of you collecting anything for your efforts. Sorry I couldn't give a better answer, but that's how I see it.
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    Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession vs. Family Trust

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Arizona

    Has there ever been an instance where someone in a family claimed adverse possession of a property while that property was still...
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    Becoming a Lawyer: Can You Sue a Law School

    My question relates to legal practice in the state of: Any

    Generally speaking, a person goes through law school knowing that they will be qualified upon graduation to practice law. That being the...
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    Calculation of Support: Income Determining Child Support

    My question involves child support in the State of: Arizona

    I've heard that some states do this while some states don't. Does Arizona base the amount of child support to be paid on the paying...
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    Trademarks: Re: Trademarking Generic Terms

    Because there's nothing unique about it. There's nothing that sets it apart from the crowd.

    Dark. That is the basic purpose of sunglasses. Just like being happy is the basic purpose of owning...
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    Trademarks: Trademarking Generic Terms

    If someone takes a generic term like "Happy Home", how hard would it be to get a Trademark on that term for their business name if a location was placed in front of or behind that term?
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    Defamation: Re: Soon-to-be-Ex Posting Nasty Rumors

    If what he says about you is slanderous to the point where it can have a negative impact on you present or anticipated income, then you might have a case against him. As it stands now, he's just...
  24. Serving as Agent: Re: Does Power of Attorney Give You Access to a Criminal Defense Lawyer's Files

    Having power of attorney only grants you specific legal privileges, and those do not include getting involved in a case. The right to get involved in certain legal issues outside of that arena is...
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    Copyright Law: Copyrighting Sermons

    Are church sermons, especially the one's that are televised, copyrighted? If I'm a writer and I hear something in a sermon that inspires me, can I use it in something I create?
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