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    Federal Taxes: How to Claim Roommate Income on Taxes

    I've had a roommate for many many years for a house I own. I just recently realized I need to claim rental income on my taxes. I did not realize that I need to claim income until my last roomate...
  2. Establishing an Order: Re: Child Support Laws in All States

    I wasnt asking any level of research, just if anybody has insight they can share about the state(s) they know about off the top of their head...I didnt expect anybody to pipe in about more than the...
  3. Establishing an Order: When Can a Father Get Child Support from the Mother

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: all states

    I have a couple questions about child support laws in all states:
    1) an unwed woman gets pregnant in a one nighter. She...
  4. Establishing Paternity: Re: Ex-Girlfriend Pregnant, How Much Power Will Court Give Her Over Me

    Thanks for the input, everybody.

    @Dogmatique: Do you mean every source of income needs to be reported to HER (or just the court)? Because she's a gold digger I know she will feel she deserves...
  5. Establishing Paternity: Ex-Girlfriend Pregnant, How Much Power Will Court Give Her Over Me

    My question involves child support in the State of: TN

    My pregnant girlfriend broke up with me as soon as she found out she was pregnant (she even denied counseling!) I would prefer to support...
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