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    Marriage: Re: How to File Form I-751

    You can send in the form in October and it will probably be received in time, before Nov 11th, but the question would be why wait? I would recommend sending in immediately in case something goes...
  2. Marriage: Re: How to Get Legal Status for a Future Spouse and Father-in-Law

    Assume no hiccups in the process....

    After you marry your girlfriend, it will take up roughly 6 months to a year for her to get her Green Card.
    3-5 years after that, she would be eligible for...
  3. Marriage: Re: Should I Sign I-751 for Spouse I Am Planning on Divorcing

    Let me just congratulate you on the most intelligent thing you have done in all this mess...
  4. Relatives: Re: Can You Get a Green Card if You Have U.S. Citizen Minor Children

    Do you ever get tired of being wrong? The OP does not have to leave, nor was that any part of the quesition.
  5. Marriage: Re: Do I Have to File As Married for Husband's Citizenship

    If you cannot get anyone on the phone, go to this link below to make an in person appointment at your local office.

    Now, you may not a get a whole lot more info on...
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    Marriage: Re: Marrying to Prevent Deportation

    If you marry her for the specific intent to avoid her deportation, it is illegal and would not work.

    If you marry her because you are in love with her and want to spend the rest of your life with...
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    Marriage: Re: Granted I-130 Now What

    No, not really. The acceptance of the I-130 only means that you have a qualifying condition that would allow the adjustment of status if you meet further requirements. When the I-485 is received...
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    Marriage: Re: Filed Joint I-751, Now Getting Divorce

    You applied for the removal of conditions.
    You had your biometrics appointment.

    The next step is one of three things.
    1) You petition to remove conditions will be denied.
    2) You will get...
  9. Marriage: Re: Removing Condition from Temporary Green Card with Spouse Being Abroad

    You will be called for Biometrics, it is part of the fee you pay will be for that appointment. However as noted, you may or may not need to appear with your spouse for an interview. In the case...
  10. Relatives: Re: U.S. Citizen Filed I-130 for Oversea Father

    Follow this link under the section "Get a Green Card While Outside the United States" and the other links it suggests. Should give you all the info you need.
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    Marriage: Re: Change of Status Without ID

    There is a process to replace a lost/stolen permanant resident below.
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    Unlawful Presence and Overstay: Re: Unlawful Presence As a Minor

    Couple things...". She claims that the customs agents considered an immediate deportation but instead they gave her two weeks to say goodbye and pack her things" and The customs agents gave her no...
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    Marriage: Re: Approved I-130 but Denied I-485, What Now

    The I-130 petition is for you, the US Citizen to establish a relationship with an alien relative who wishes to immigrate to the US. Essentially, as long as you qualify, the I-130 will almost always...
  14. Marriage: Re: Want to Marry My Philippine Girlfriend Who is Here on a Work Visa

    1) After you get married, you will apply for sponsorship (Form I-130) and Adjustment of status (I-485) The adjustment of status will change her legal staus in the US from a work visa status to a...
  15. Marriage: Re: U.S. Citizen Marriage to Divorced Foreign Citizen

    That same link has the following wording...

    The license application may be initiated online or in person at the Court. Both applicants must appear in person to finish the application process. Each...
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    Marriage: Re: Do You Need to File a Form for an Ead Card

    Yes, you have to file form I-765 for work authorization, and you can file it at the same time you file the I-130 and I485.
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    Marriage: Re: How Long Should I Wait to Apply

    Read over the forms for I485 and I13O and pay special attention to the sections where they talk about evidence of your life together. That will be more important than how long after the divorce you...
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    Marriage: Re: Marriage Based Green Card Overstay

    Couple of items.

    Be careful when you say "she wants me to stay in america" I realize you also said because she loves you, but if you say this it can give the appearance that the marriage is only...
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    Marriage: Re: Marring an Illegal Immigrant

    The passport expiration could be an issue though. Contact the embassy here in the states and find out how he can renew it without leaving the US.
  20. Marriage: Re: How Do You Change Status from an F1 Visa when You Get Married to U.S. Citizen

    Here is the link to the website you need to get to know very well.

    On that page, there is a link to "processing times' once you discover the forms you need,...
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    Marriage: Re: Marrying an Immigrant with a B1/B2 Visa

    Here is a link to the section where it talks through the situation with people in the military.
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    Marriage: Re: Marrying an Immigrant with a B1/B2 Visa

    I am curious about your comment...."I am allowed to take leave" that and your handle suggest to me you are military? If I recall, there are some different circumstances/rules/processes for service...
  23. Marriage: Re: Husband Overstayed Visa but He Wants to Work

    If you submitted the I130 (and I assume I485 adjust status?) You can also file form I765 application for employment authorization. Usually, you can file all three at the same time.
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    Marriage: Re: Us Citz Marring Legal Resd

    Also, if someone has already gained Legal permanent resident status, they should be able to obtain a social security card immediately.
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    Marriage: Re: Can My Wife Stay in the U.S

    The 2% chance of approval would depend greatly on how much/how good is the evidence you have that the the marriage was NOT planned prior to her arrival.

    How was the ceremony done, civil or...
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