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  1. Defamation: Re: Can I Sue for Defamation 8 Years After the Fact

    Please read the original post. This is in PA.

    I get bitched at for using examples from my state and other states I am aware when it is not the OP's state. Though half the time they don't even tell...
  2. Parties: Re: Hearing on a Motion

    Okay, this is too confusing not to ask?

    How did you file an appeal? Do you even know what an interlocutory appeal is? Do you understand when you can file one? Do you understand what the standard...
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    Surveys: Re: Nw Corner Survey Says

    Who knows? I have a piece of property on the main street and the property line was off 18 inches depending on which opposing street it was measured from. After spending thousands I got the 18 inches....
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    Pardons and Clemency: Re: When to Apply for a Governor's Pardon

    There is no chance for a pardon under the circumstances you describe. After completing probation 6 months ago, you will NOT have a strong application for a governor's pardon. If you only realized how...
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    Online Services: Re: Online Favoritism in Gaming

    The answers and our posters have it right. It is a private game and there simply isn't any tort that would apply, to say nothing of the financial impossibility of pursuing it. Lots of people also...
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    Civil Procedure Issues: Re: Court Not Ruling on Motions

    As described, this is a jurisdiction issue not really an SOL, though that is always a concern.

    I assume you are then going with diversity of citizenship. You do know of course that the amount in...
  7. Defamation: Re: Can I Sue for Defamation 8 Years After the Fact

    And EXACTLY WHAT HELP have you provided in this thread?

    Did you look up PA law? Did you research any case law on the subject?

    Of course not, so what are YOU talking about. You are the one...
  8. Copyright Law: Re: Laws of Selling an Item Made from a Copyright Pattern

    Not even the big clothing pattern companies register their patterns. They all claim copyright and all sorts of other rights, but it is mostly a bluff. There is little case law that supports they are...
  9. Defamation: Re: Can I Sue for Defamation 8 Years After the Fact

    Most statutes in most states come from model laws that are proposed by bar associations and others. Many laws derive from laws in other states as courts adopt them as good guidance. I talk in general...
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    Civil Procedure Issues: Re: Court Not Ruling on Motions

    Did you file a brief in response to the motion for summary judgment? Was there a reply brief?

    Generally the party filing the motion is the one that schedules it for oral argument. If there is a...
  11. Defamation: Re: Can I Sue for Defamation 8 Years After the Fact

    I don't know anything that would toll the statute of limitations for defamation. Never have seen a case like that.

    No state has a SOL that long. 1 or 2 years is usually it. If you had a state...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Criminal Charges for Return Fraud

    First, you don't "plea bargain" if there is no charge filed.

    Do you know for certain it was a police officer and not someone from the store?

    The video would PROVE NOTHING other than she...
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    Slander: Re: Slander and Possible Discrimination

    Your state might have a statute where you can demand to know what the source of the information was.

    As suggested, you could file an employment discrimination complaint. If nothing else, you might...
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    Copyright Law: Re: Live Band Photo Publishing

    You took the photos, you own the copyrights, You don't need anyone's permission.

    Once upon a time I was a magazine publisher and I took photos of the Stones, Patty Smith, Ramones, Clash, Cure, MJ...
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    Copyright Law: Re: Sports Art Copyrights

    I don't remember the details but I just read a US Appeals Court decision of a team suing an artist who painted what you want to do, (players, sports scenes, uniforms, etc.) and the court ruled that...
  16. Retailers: Re: Non-Conforming Custom Sofa, Seller's Attempt to Cure, Expectation Damages

    Personally no idea for 1 and 2, however (3) is nonsense. Nobody would ever get that in court. There is just no way to collect on the time it alleged took someone to deal with a situation, other than...
  17. Sex Offenses: Re: Mom Finds Out About 21 Year Old Baby Daddy and Doesnt Want Him in Jail

    Every response here is good, this is just a bit more to consider.

    One has to wonder how old you were when you started having sex with an adult that can only be described as a child molester. 15,...
  18. Establishing Paternity: Re: Can a 14 Year Old Boy Sign a Birth Certificate

    I doubt anything signed by a 14 year old is legally binding. A contract is certainly not binding.

    I would think Children's Services would have been called and would be all over it. If not, there...
  19. Traffic Accidents: Re: Hit from Behind and Charged with Improper Lane Change

    How many people were in the other car?

    If there was only one, you technically have more witnesses.

    Normally the car that hits a car in front is the one that is liable.

    Your insurance...
  20. Civil Rights Issues: Re: Arrested After Warrantless Entry and Search

    A "Bivet" action?

    42 USC 1983 is for violations of civil rights under color of STATE law.

    A "Bivens" action is a judicially created civil rights action for violations under color of FEDERAL...
  21. Copyright Law: Re: Registered My Book in Copyright, but Someone else Has the Same Title As Trademark

    If you have the money to buy a trademark and you don't want to change the name of your book or character, then you might consider some strategic moves that would render the opposing registration of...
  22. Business Issues: Re: Invoicing My Clients Client Directly As My Client Did Not Pay

    I understand what you are saying, but for the following reasons I don't think we are talking about anything like that.

    It seems you are just trying to make it more complicated than it is or is...
  23. Business Issues: Re: Invoicing My Clients Client Directly As My Client Did Not Pay

    First, New York City has nothing to do with it. These things are all matters of state law.

    In a nutshell you have no legal right. Third party billing requires a written agreement at minimum. You...
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    Service of Process: Re: Summoned to Be a Vitness

    At least I provided some info, unlike most of you who post questions to questions, etc. or don't help. What do YOU know about EU law? How many cases have you done in court in any area of law? Name...
  25. Starting a Business: Re: Upon Incorporating C Corp, How to Calculate Amount of Common Shares and Par Value

    The types of stock have nothing to do with the incorporation. That is determined in the bylaws.

    There is no ratio to speak of, that is up to you. Lets say I put cash and other assets into a...
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