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    Plea Bargains: Possession of 1/2 Gram Marijuana in Florida

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: florida
    After being arrested i was given a court date; couple questions

    Will an offer by the state be made at this first appearance?...
  2. Drug Possession: Re: Valid Traffic Stop. Leading to Poss. Marijuana Charge

    well, i think i would have to concede that i obstructed traffic, since they were honking
    but is that a violation?
    i have honked at cars in front of me just to let them know the light changed
  3. Drug Possession: Challenging a Traffic Stop that Led to Drug Charges

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: Florida
    On my way home from work, i was stopped at a red traffic light waiting to make a left turn.
    i was momentarily distracted...
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