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  1. Service Providers: Re: Is There Anything I Can Do

    Yeah, and? Sounds spot on to me

    Definition of actionable
    1 : subject to or affording ground for an action or suit at law
    2 : capable of...
  2. Traffic Accidents: Re: My Son Was Hit by a Truck and Didn't Provide Information. What Are the Parameters

    I never thought I would live to see ANOTHER internet tough guy! :rolleyes:
  3. Roommates: Re: Ex-Boyfriend Wants a Rent Refund After Moving Out

    Respectfully, if you have an extensive legal background, then why are you here yourself in another thread seeking help about "landlord tenant law"?
  4. Eviction Process: Re: Storage Unit Eviction when I Wasn't Aware

    The title states "moved in", and you further state that the notice is for "on property after hours too many times...". Were you just storing things there and working many times after hours, or did...
  5. Age of Majority: Re: Turning 18

    Probably similar answers since a few months ago when you asked. :)
  6. Background Checks: Re: Can You Become a Probation Officer with a Criminal Record

    And now everyone that ever reads this thread will see WHY you have issues, and will be GLAD that you will be finding a different career, one more suitable to your type.
  7. Rental Agreements: Re: Paying for the Increase in the Security Deposit

    Are there more than 10 units? --
  8. Disciplinary Issues: Re: Reporting the Use of Racial Slurs to Somebody's Employer

    The stuff they said to you were wrong, way out of line.

    But now that you may have ruined someones career, just be prepared that they may retaliate, even in an illegal manner. Of course that would...
  9. Disciplinary Issues: Re: Reporting the Use of Racial Slurs to Somebody's Employer

    First off, what they said was wrong, so don't think I think they were right.

    But if you thought getting someone fired was some sort of justice, it wasn't, it WAS tattling. This was about getting...
  10. Re: Negligent Training and Supervision That Resulted in Chemical Injuries/Texas

    You say you weren't offered medical attention. You further state that your reading tells you that you should have had medical attention. Did you go to a hospital or doctor yourself, and what did they...
  11. Re: Can the Cosigner Assume Responsibility for a Vehicle

    The way you wrote it sounds like you are both buying the house, not just him, get the picture? :p
  12. Unlawful Eviction: Re: Suing a Landlord for Unlawful Eviction Practices and Defamation

    Largest post of whining I've ever read. Present yourself to a judge like that and expect to be laughed out of court. How are you going to reply if an opposing attorney presents things to you in the...
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    Parking and Access: Re: Towing While Parked Legally, Need

    What if they gave 3 days notice the day after you left? You still wouldn't have been home, still towed and still in the same position.
  14. Drug Possession: Re: Drug Paraphernalia Charge

    Without your consent? If they were locked, did he break into them? Or did he do so after you voluntarily opened them or gave him the keys?
  15. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Next Steps

    And they likely think you being a thief and stealing from them is unacceptable. You should have thought about this "harassment" when you decided to steal from other people.
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Shoplifting Charge From a Major Retailer

    Loss prevention tried to talk to you before you fully left. You declined. This reeks of guilty. If not guilty, why not clear it up with them prior to leaving?
  17. Cleaning and Repairs: Re: What is the Best Way to Move Out Without Paying for Damages

    You are trying to figure out ways to prevent from being screwed when moving out. And now one of your plans is trying to figure out a way to screw the landlord?

    And no, you cannot charge him for...
  18. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Falsely Accused of Shoplifting and Now at Risk of Being Evicted

    You said you had it already. You said you would share it already. But you ignore requests to post it, even in private. I don't believe a single word you're typing. Sounds more like you are shoveling...
  19. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Falsely Accused of Shoplifting and Now at Risk of Being Evicted

    I have contacted this member based on his own willingness to backup his words. I will gladly retract my comments and apologize if his video is in fact delivered and is what he states.
  20. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Falsely Accused of Shoplifting and Now at Risk of Being Evicted

    There is video apparently. I would have that up on youtube and other places to ensure you have copies. Why not post an edited version here? Why did you not post about the filth being done and said to...
  21. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Former Employer Continued Deposit into My Account by Mistake

    Sure would suck that if when they get their money back - and they WILL - that they accidentally get way too much leaving you broke and in trouble. Sure hope it doesn't take them long to realize their...
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    Theft and Larceny: Re: Items Stolen from Student's Luggage

    The POLICE stated "hispanic host family" or you did? And WHY does them being Hispanic matter?
  23. Getting Fired: Re: Data for Termination Obtained Illegally - Do I Have a Case

    Since you post here and are doing the same - which one are you?
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    Getting Fired: Re: Employee Fired for Refusing a Drug Test

    But you wrote this earlier:

    Is this drug you are concerned about, marijuana or prescription medication? If the same case as previously, then I don't even see how prescription drugs came into...
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