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    Debt Collectors: Retirement Funds Garnishable

    Does anyone know if Public Employees Retirement fund is garnishable? It is a small amount each month, and that is the only income he has.
    The retirement was earned in another state and is being sent...
  2. Default Judgments: Default Judgment After Lawyer Didn't Submit Paperwork

    Not sure what to do

    We live in Arizona.

    My husband was served papers on a credit card debt (an old one) in the end of Jan this year.
    It did not list me, but as Jane Doe, The credit card in...
  3. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Law firm suing for Credit Card Debt with Judgment on it

    They have the account right on the paper. It lists my husbands name and me as Jane Doe. How do I deal with this? They made it look like they are representing chase, and chase wouldn't talk to me...
  4. Collection and Enforcement: Law firm suing for Credit Card Debt with Judgment on it

    Hi I am from AZ, my husband received and "Order for Alternative Method of Service" from the Superior Court.

    The letter says Attorney for the Plaintiff (lawyers listed) vs husband and instead of...
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