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  1. Re: Facebook Suspension Due to Changing Phone Number

    I don't think you have any recourse, you just have to work through their process, no matter how cumbersome.

    I do want to thank you for giving me yet another reason NOT to associate my phone # with...
  2. Re: Is It Legal for an Employer to Search Your Purse Before Leaving the Workplace

    I have worked at employers where your purse/briefcase/backpack etc. was x-rayed and you had to walk through a metal detector both on the way in and on the way out. I understood why they did it and...
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    Probate Court Procedure: Re: Preparing in Advance

    Would the ownership that the OP's father has in the OP's house be subject to the Medicaid lookback period?
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    Speeding Tickets: Re: Lawyer Sent Case Results to Wrong Email

    No one here has a crystal ball so we can't predict what the judge will do. Hopefully your attorney will be able to convince the judge that the miscommunications were her fault and you will have a...
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    Libel: Re: Falsely Accused of Paying for

    flyingron gave you good advice. I know other business owners who have had that happen and got the bad reviews removed quickly by going through Google's process. Yes it stinks that you have to do...
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    Re: Foriegn Ownership of Interstate 10

    There are already plenty of privately owned toll roads in the US. If you don't want to drive on one, then find an alternate route.
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    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Landlord Refuses to Adequately Repair Hvac

    Right but the ductwork should be considered part of the heating system and the landlord has to maintain that. The OP just can't get the county involved to put pressure on the landlord or get the...
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    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Landlord Refuses to Adequately Repair Hvac

    At least it would get her out of the lease if the system couldn't provide heat and the house ended up condemned. If she can't run the HVAC for heat then she's stuck with using electric space heaters...
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    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Landlord Refuses to Adequately Repair Hvac

    Is the A/C provided by a heat pump that would be used to provide heat in the winter? I noticed in the landlord tenant handbook referenced above that the landlord is expected to keep the heat in good...
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    Service Providers: Re: Phone Deactivated by Mother

    Threatening to sue is not suing. People run their mouths all the time about suing but never follow through. People who are serious about it typically don't run their mouths, they just do it.

  11. Rental Agreements: Re: Landlord Charging Extra Person Fee to Married Couple in One Bdrm Apartment

    I would do this while paying the monthly fee. If the apartment management has been adding this fee monthly for all the apartments when they should not have been, perhaps the city can make the...
  12. Thread: Why Me

    by bcr229

    Re: Why Me

    Sigh. When did you get married - what DATE?

    Are you on the child's birth certificate?
  13. Fraud: Re: Am I at Risk if I Unknowingly Was Included on a Fraudulent W-2 Form for Rental Ap

    Well, I would tell the truth and that my EX girlfriend falsified the document.

    At least the OP knows such a call may be coming, versus getting blindsided.
  14. Fraud: Re: Am I at Risk if I Unknowingly Was Included on a Fraudulent W-2 Form for Rental Ap

    Wouldn't most landlords call to verify employment anyway?
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    Loan Agreements: Re: Problems with Fiserv

    Is it a condition of getting the $250 that you have to use the bank's bill pay system? If not, can't you pay your bills using that account by doing a pull from the creditor instead of a push from...
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    Classification of Workers: Re: I Am Being Misclassified

    In addition to filing the SS-8 with the IRS you can also request a determination from the state of Ohio. I don't know if their process is any faster, but it looks like you can make the request...
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    Ownership Rights: Re: Tree on Property Line

    You could always ask the power company to come take a look. If the tree is threatening the lines they may trim it or take it down. Their contractors cut back and/or removed a lot of trees in my...
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    Re: Tricked into Child Support

    Is this the same woman who you claimed was trying to blackmail you a few weeks ago?

    If this woman bears a child then request a...
  19. Thread: Divorce

    by bcr229

    Re: Divorce

    OP has not indicated that his wife is aware of the affair.

    If OP is smart he will ditch the girlfriend, keep his mouth shut, never stray again, get some counseling to help strengthen his...
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    Re: Realestate Easement

    Did the neighbors call Miss Utility to have the lines marked before digging willy-nilly in the easement? Are they digging by hand or with equipment?

    Also is there a maintenance agreement/fund for...
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    Re: Rear Ended Fracture to Neck

    Definitely don't be in a hurry to settle. In my 20's I had a compression fracture of L1 after my horse threw me, and over two decades later I still get a periodic reminder that I was young and...
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    Re: Best Way to Get Tenant Out

    Is this a rent-controlled unit?

    If your tenant is current on rent and this is a month-to-month lease then you need to provide 30 days written notice to terminate the tenancy. A text does not...
  23. Extortion: Re: Help, Need Advice on Protection from Blackmail

    Either find a good divorce attorney or come clean with your wife, and see if your wife is willing to go to counseling if you are both willing to salvage the marriage.

    Otherwise, you don't buy a...
  24. Wills: Re: Should I Give a Copy of My Will to My Executor

    My father has told me that I am the executor of his Will. I know where it is but I have not seen it and I hope it is many years before I do see it.

    Frankly, until he passes away it's not really...
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    Pets and Animals: Re: Animal Death

    If the county officials for whatever reason (good ol' boy network, nepotism, corruption, etc.) will not touch him then you and your friend can try taking your evidence to the state police in your...
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