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    False Light: Re: Can My School Kick Me Out

    Depends on the terms and conditions of your contract with the university. Your "contract" is the school catalogue, rules, etc that you agreed to abide by when you enrolled.

    Depends on why and...
  2. Traffic Accidents: Re: Mich Washtenaw County Deputy List Me at Fault Instead of the Actual Person That H

    If you didn't get cited, forget about it. The deputy's report and conclusion is meaningless because he didn't witness the accident. In the unlikely event that you have to go to court on the civil...
  3. Legal Research: Re: Best Online Tool/System for Researching Case Law

    These days Google Scholar is a decent source and it's free.
  4. Working With a Lawyer: Re: What Do You Call a Lawyer Who Assists You Without Appearing in Court

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    Re: Signing a Ticket

    Why would you want to be that stupid?
  6. Re: Search and Siezure of Home Due to Unauthorized Mail Delivery

    It was more fun reading his tax problem. :friendly_wink:
  7. Re: Can I Charge Someone for Pouring Soda on My Car

    Yeah, I decided instead to stop at the $3 car wash on the way home today.
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    Working With a Lawyer: Re: Lawyer Bad Rep Reinforced, Disgusted

    If you feel that he overcharged you for the amount of work he actually did, you can file a fee dispute with the Los Angeles County Bar Association:
  9. Trusts: Re: Terminating Simple Trust, Los Angeles County

    If you haven't had to go to court on anything till now, you aren't likely to have to do anything further to terminate the trust. See CA Trust Code section 15404 and 15407:
  10. Filing a Complaint: Re: How Much of the Small Claims Court Process Can Be Done by an Assistant?

    You will have to go through the process of getting the judge's permission, in advance, for an "interpreter" if that's what you are talking about or any other type of accommodation. And you may very...
  11. Filing a Complaint: Re: How Much of the Small Claims Court Process Can Be Done by an Assistant?

    It is illegal for your assistant to engage in the unauthorized practice of law. Your assistant can do the paperwork based on your instructions, can file the summons and complaint with the court, and...
  12. Re: Can I Sue a Large Corporate Restaurant

    Unfortunately, Georgia does not have a state government agency for the enforcement of wage and hour laws. If you were shorted pay you can file a complaint with the US Dept of Labor. Local offices are...
  13. Re: Can I Charge Someone for Pouring Soda on My Car

    My car needs a wash. You available?
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    Re: Co Signer Want Out

    Did you keep a copy of the first lease that you co-signed? If not, get it. It's critical for you to determine if your signature carries over to new leases every year.

    Did you sign any new leases...
  15. Re: Can I Charge Someone for Pouring Soda on My Car

    All over it? Aren't you exaggerating? It would take an awful lot of soda to cover the whole car. Where, exactly, did the soda go? Did you wash it off right away? Any damage?

    You really have to...
  16. Establishment: Re: Case Law Re:restraining Order Wa State

    Use the search parameter:

    restraining order based on fear

    Then start reading the decisions to see if a restraining order requires an act of violence or just the fear of an act of violence.
  17. Nuisance: Re: Hazardous Rocks at Edge of Driveway by Property Line

    As long as the rocks are on the neighbor's side of the property line, he's in the right.

    You can pay for a survey if you want to make sure.

    As long as the rocks are on the neighbor's side...
  18. Re: [Or] Question About Rights to Items After Online Price Glitch Post-Delivery

    Sure. Anybody can "take action" against anybody who they think wronged them.

    To summarize with additional consequences:

    Termination for misconduct.
    No Unemployment Compensation.
  19. Online Services: Re: Paypal Making Me Lie to Login, Commit Identity Fraud

    I don't see any. You haven't committed any kind of fraud, you're just over reacting to the inconvenience.

    You haven't lost any money.

    As long as you have removed your money and credit card...
  20. Establishment: Re: Case Law Re:restraining Order Wa State

    Try Google Scholar.,48

    I started it for you. You'll have to read the decisions.
  21. Embezzlement: Re: Possible Embezzlement Charge Coming for

    Unlikely. The Employee Dishonesty policy contains the following condition:

    The word "shall" in any insurance policy means you comply with the condition or you don't get paid.

    I would be...
  22. Embezzlement: Re: Possible Embezzlement Charge Coming for

    It would go to the insurance company, not the employer. If you have the money to pay it, make sure the check is made out to the insurance company.

    Yes and yes. I'm surprised that prosecution...
  23. Transferring Title: Re: Vehicle Sold (by Me) - Buyer Never Transferred Title

    As a practical matter, you can't.

    This kind of situation is very common and the only way to protect yourself is do it at time of sale. For the future, get into the habit of:

    1 - Bill of sale...
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    Service Providers: Re: I Stopped Payment

    He's already said that he sent the check without the agreement of the other person. Ergo, no settlement.

    In addition to your $25,000 attorney fees you will have to pay your "experts" to...
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    Guardianship: Re: Change Name Back

    When he's 18, his name change will be easy.

    Getting the bio father on to the birth certificate might not be so easy.

    Read this:
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