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  1. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Arizona Small Business Exempt from Paying Over Time

    If the security guard or maintenance worker is employed in an establishment that is engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce, such as a warehouse, factory, bank, insurance...
  2. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Should a Caregiver in a RCFE Be Paid for Sleep Time


    § 785.20 General.
    Under certain conditions an employee is considered to be working even though some of his time is spent in sleeping or in certain other...
  3. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Mandated Pre-Work Activity Not Being Compensated-Bureau of Prison

    Bureau of Prison sounds like federal agency which OPM (Office Personnel Management) rules would be applicable. OPM is the responsible agency for enforcing work rules, FLSA rules do not apply to...
  4. Compensation and Overtime: Timesheet App from the U.S. Department of Labor

    This is a timesheet App to record the hours that you work and calculate the amount you may be owed by your employer. It also includes...
  5. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Can Managers Take Non-Supervisory Shifts and Get Tips

    Employer-Owner Could Not Share in Employee Tip Pool Under FLSA, Regardless of Extent of His Bartending Activities - See this link
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    Compensation and Overtime: New FLSA Rules Are Coming
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: Golf Courses and Overtime Pay

    Section 13(a)(3) provides an exemption from the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the FLSA for "any employee employed by an establishment which is an amusement or recreational establishment, if...
  8. Compensation and Overtime: Re: What Are an Employee's Rights After Being Overpaid for Two Years

    I do not believe that you owe your employer the $39k claimed, you may owe some, the details are in the numbers. To find out how much exactly you may owe, you must separate all your income on a weekly...
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    Compensation and Overtime: Legal Support for Workers

    It appears that US DOL-Wage Hour Division will be referring workers to local labor attorneys and will be given information about the findings to provide to an attorney who may take the case,...
  10. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Owed Wages by Former Employer, a Federal Subcontractor

    I think the FLSA is not applicable here, as stated by the poster, his employer is a sub-contractor to a federal agency (DOD), therefore the Service Contract Act (SCA), is the one that is applicable....
  11. Legal Research: Department of Labor Investigations Made Public

    DOL created a web page to display the results of MSHA, OFCCP, OSHA, and WHD investigations.

    Click the SEARCH tab to begin the search of the investigations...
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    Compensation and Overtime: FLSA Changes Coming Soon
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: Exempt Employees

    See 29 CFR 541.301(c)(5)

    (5) Accountants. Certified public accountants generally meet the duties requirements for the learned professional exemption. In addition, many other accountants who are...
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: A Question About Overtime

    Just for the record, comp time is only for goverment workers, not for private employers, under FLSA section 7(o) and or 29 CFR

    see this link
  15. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Trying to Establish a "Flat Rate" Pay System for My Employees

    When and if overtime has to be paid, your formula may not work. Using your formula in your sample your first result comes up with 66 hrs or 26 ot hrs. Your second comes up with 44 hrs or 4 ot hrs....
  16. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Misclassified As Exempt and Offered Comp Time

    29 CFR 553.24 - ``Public safety'', ``emergency response'', and ``seasonal'' activities.

    (a) Section 7(o)(3)(A) of the FLSA provides that an employee of a public agency which is a State, a...
  17. Trade-In Rejected for "Cash for Clunkers", Dealer Wants New Car Back

    I have a similar problem with my cash for clunkers-I was not fully aware of the full requirement. My trade in did not qualify at all, not owned for the last 12 months. The dealer wants the new car...
  18. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Hourly to Salary and Fluctuating Workweek Law

    Yes, is not illegal..
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: Missouri Server Tip Out Wage Law

    Not more than 15% of Tips received...

    For enforcement purposes, the Wage and Hour Division does not question contributions to a pool not exceeding 15% of an employee's tips (unless there is...
  20. Payment Disputes: Re: Charge Against Earnings of Independent Contractor for Missed Shifts

    You have to look at the Supreme Court 7 factors guidance, especially factor #1. The business of dancing is an integral part of the main employer night club business. If there is no dancing then the...
  21. Payment Disputes: Re: Charge Against Earnings of Independent Contractor for Missed Shifts

    Not exactly…Although, the employer treats the employee as an Independent Contractor, such designation, is not always 100% correct, unless, the appropriate determination is made by the appropriate...
  22. Compensation and Overtime: Re: Can My Employer Withhold My Tips from Me for Not Showing Up, Being Late, or Quitt

    Yes and there is a IRS form for the employee to report to the employer the tips received...

    use this form
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    Disabilities and Accommodation: Re: FMLA Papers Never Returned to Company

    I would have to agreed with TigerDog, the employer has sufficient information to place the employee on FMLA, pending the paperwork.

    Generally, where employees provide their employers with...
  24. Compensation and Overtime: Re: New Company Which Acquired Old is Not Giving Back Wages

    I would recommend you try the federal DOL-Wage Hour, as they have jurisdiction over the H1b program, the state does not. Not to mention that the new employer may or may not be an H1b employer, which...
  25. Compensation and Overtime: Re: My Company is Not Paying Me Bench Salary from Last 4 Months

    Fact Sheet #62I: Must an H-1B employer pay for nonproductive time?

    This fact sheet provides general information concerning the payment for nonproductive time under the H-1B program.

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