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  1. Parking and Access: Re: Texas Apartment Handicap Visitors Spaces

    I was mainly asking what the law was. Legally they have a public place without public handicapped parking. Isn't that illegal? Since it is a public space and they have xx amount of public parking,...
  2. Parking and Access: Parking in an Apartment Lot Handicapped Space Without a Resident's Sticker

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Texas

    Hello I have a question that seems to fall in a gray area. I live in a "gated" apartment community (gate has never worked). All of...
  3. Parking and Access: Towed for Expired Registration Despite Notice Requirement

    Hello all! I'm in need of some advice.

    My motorcycle was towed yesterday from my apartment complex for expired registration in Irving, TX. My lease states that they will give 10 day notice before...
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