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  1. Re: How Does Child Support Order Get Stopped Once Parental Rights Have Been Terminate

    Thanks for the insight, it's a complicated situation, I normally do not support a parent having their rights terminated, but in this case it really is best for all involved. This is my brother...
  2. How Does Child Support Order Get Stopped Once Parental Rights Have Been Terminated

    My question involves child support in the State of: North Carolina

    The mother petitioned the Court & had parental rights terminated, we are in possession of the Order which does not say a word...
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    Bankruptcy Issues: Re: What to File

    The very first thing you should do, and please do it asap... is go see a Bankruptcy attorney. Most offer a free consultation and can advise you as to which chapter you qualify for and what would be...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Medical Malpractice?

    I don't have any advice for you regarding this matter because I know very little about medical malpractice, but I did want to mention that your post is a bit confusing. If you clarify a few things...
  5. Chapter 7: Re: Will I Be Sued By Credit Card And Loan Companies If I Stop Paying Them?

    Waiting it out is dangerous. Even if you think you have no assets that can be seized you have to consider that your wages can be garnished (in fact this is likely the first thing a creditor will go...
  6. Bankruptcy Issues: Re: What Happens To Taxes If You Convert A 13 To 7

    Just to throw in my 2 cents, with regard to federal tax debts I agree with Aaron's response 100% but want to add that my understanding is that state tax debts do not follow the same guidelines and...
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    Chapter 13: Re: New Credit Cards During Chapter 13

    Can't make any guarantees, but based on my years of experience and thousands of Chapter 13 clients..... I feel pretty safe in saying that it is very unlikely the Trustee will find out about your new...
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    Chapter 13: Re: Repayment Of Chapter 13 Plan

    The Trustee can provide you with a status report that will show how much has been paid to which creditors, and which creditors did and did not file claims. If unsecured creditors failed to file a...
  9. Chapter 13: Re: Purchasing Home "Outside Of BK"

    As far as getting approval from the ct & trustee to purchase the home, your chances are pretty decent as long as you can show that you can afford the payments and still maintain your ch 13 payments,...
  10. Bankruptcy Issues: Re: How To Release Title Of Vehicle In Non-related Dispute?

    Tricky situation... I do know that a lot of credit unions cross collateralize, meaning that they link all of your debts together. For example, the visa debt your in-laws owed, if it was...
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    Chapter 7: Re: Potential Chapter 7

    It looks as though you would be ok with the equity on the car in either CO or SD so long as the fair market value is only $3500. If the vehicle is owned in your name and someone elses then you would...
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    Bankruptcy Issues: Re: Divorcing From Chapter 13 To 7

    Your ability to convert to Ch 7 depends on a number of factors, not just your assets. You should schedule an appt to speak with your atty about the possibility. One thing you should be aware of...
  13. Chapter 7: Re: After The Bankruptcy, What Should Be Done To Regroup?

    Not sure of any specific site that has info on BK friendly lenders, but I do know that many of our clients had great success obtaining an unsecured credit card from Capital One immediately after...
  14. Chapter 7: Re: Filing For Bankruptcy Without An Attorney

    Based on the circumstances you have described, you may very well qualify for Chapter 7, and could possibly file pro se fairly easily providing you have no secured debts that will need reaffirmation...
  15. Chapter 7: Re: Need Help Chapter 7

    Only the amount that was charged recently could be considered non-dischargable and that's only if the creditor objects to it's dischargability, but considering the amount and the circumstances I...
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    Chapter 7: Re: Facing Foreclosure After Chapter 7

    If you reaffirmed the mortgage in your previous Bankruptcy (I am assuming it was a Chapter 7, you did not say), then you are entirely responsible for the debt now, and the previous Bankruptcy has...
  17. Chapter 7: Re: Concerns Of Health, Home, And Chapter 7

    If the sale is in good faith and for fair market value, then it would not matter when it is done in terms of the Trustee looking at it as a something fraudulant or preferential. If you are wanting...
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    Chapter 13: Re: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Technically you can only include pre-petition debt, however I have done amendments for medical debts as you described, but only as long as the creditor is agreeable to the debt being put into the...
  19. Chapter 13: Re: What Are My Options After Filing Chapter Thirteen,and Cant Make The Payments.

    You can voluntarily dismiss out of the Chapter 13 at any time, just speak with your attorney about doing so. Providing you are current on your mortgages and the motorcycle payments, you should then...
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    Chapter 13: Re: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    I replied to this same post yesterday.. check there for your reply
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    Chapter 13: Re: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    As long as you actually incurred these debts prior to the date you filed your Chapter 13 you can amend schedules to include them, however there is an amendment fee associated with doing so. Your...
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    Chapter 13: Re: Trustee

    I believe that the US Trustees oversee the local trustees.. you can find more info here:
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    Chapter 13: Re: Keeping Rental Property In 13

    You would not necessarily have to give the rental home up.. rather you may have to pay a higher percentage of your unsecured debt back if you wish to keep this rental property. This is something...
  24. Chapter 13: Re: Collecting On A Judgment Filed After Debtor File Chapter 13

    Correct, you cannot contact the Debtor or make any attempt to collect on this debt so long as the automatic stay is in place. The Debtor's attorney will tell you the same thing, and most likely does...
  25. Chapter 13: Re: Home Foreclosure During A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Once relief is granted and the proceed with foreclosure and sale of property, they can hold you responsible for the deficiency (amount left owing between sale price and balance you owed them) but...
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