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    Criminal Records: Re: Setting Aside More Than One Conviction

    With 7411, he is NOT convicted (thus no convictions on record whatsoever) upon pursuant to successful probationary terms. He should go back to court and obtain records of sentencing & dismissal. He...
  2. Expungement and Sealing: Go to Trial or Plead Guilty Under Advisement Risking Future Employment

    Michigan. Misdemeanor Charge for Retail Fraud. TAKE PLEA DEAL OR TRIAL??

    I'm asking this for my 25 year old niece. Her attorney advised option 1 and assured her that she won't have a record. Her...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Consider Return Fraud

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: In General

    When you keep about 1 out of 7 (15%) items you purchased due to varioud reasons. Say 99% of the returns have receipts and 95% of the...
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