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    Adverse Possession: Re: Building a Fence on Neighbor's Property

    No where did this reply address my questions.
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    Adverse Possession: Building a Fence on Neighbor's Property

    My question involves real estate located in the Commonwealth of: Virginia

    I asked a question about adverse possession a few years ago and got good advice here that I followed. Basically I decided...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Can Chiropractors Mess You Up

    Of course not. Quacks never screw you up - only bonafide real doctors.
  4. Defamation: Re: A Person is Destroying My Reputation, Simply on Revenge

    Did you really have to quote her whole rant just to say that?

    Dear OP,

    Based upon the items you stated, I believe the way you think things are, are opposite to the ways things really are.
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    Re: Can I Give My Child More Than Three Names

    Stupid to give a person more names than they are going to use. For instance, Jonathan Robert Jones, will probably be called John Doe his entire life - so name him JOHN DOE! Jeez, it's simple...
  6. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Pension Company Says Designated Beneficiary is Not Due Payout

    Time traveling are we?
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    Speeding Tickets: Re: Officer Does Not Know the Speed Limit


    The cop had difficulty reading numbers - the evidence exists that supports that. He saw 45 on the speed limit sign but read 40. The cop was not operating effectively. Obviously...
  8. Re: Authorized and Legally Parked Vehicle Towed on College Campus with No Warning

    I think you are all wrong. I believe he can sue for 2, maybe 3 million dollars. His car will probably be a valuable antique in a couple of hundred years and this towing may hinder his ability to...
  9. Mediation and Arbitration: Re: Is Mediation Resolved and Signed Agreement a Public Record

    Depends on type of mediation - not necessarily a settlement per say. Mediation is sometimes required in child custody cases by the courts. Mediation is sometimes ordered by the courts for disputes...
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    Probate Court Procedure: Re: Preparing in Advance

    A lot depends on the value of the estate. If there is a large sum of money, you may be wise to create a trust to protect it from future medical care costs.

    Your house is the only reason (you...
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    Re: Employee Handbook Policy

    Anything that is not illegal is legal. There is no law that states employers can't enforce rules of discipline in their businesses. There is no law about making rules for some employees but others...
  12. Re: Ticketed for Displaying Previous Owner Registration Sticker

    All of the comments made here are valid - except none really answer your question.

    The real answer is:

    It all depends on the judge you get when you go to court and what mood he is that day.
  13. Thread: Lottery Fraud

    by Guybrush

    Re: Lottery Fraud

    No, no, no - your crystal ball must be broken. Obviously, he has a ton to worry about. If you read between his words, it is obvious he plans to conquer the world through by any means. History has...
  14. Re: Stopping for School Buses in Private Parking Lots

    I am sorry - I will cease my debate with until you are armed.
  15. Re: Stopping for School Buses in Private Parking Lots

    That is hilarious! How in the world can you possibly change MY interpretation when I clearly state what I believe "used by" means. I guess I should change your interpretation of your words and...
  16. Re: Stopping for School Buses in Private Parking Lots

    Well, you almost had it right. No where does the law state that the property belongs to the school. It states where the law of stopping for the school bus applies - and that is anywhere that the...
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    Re: Paternity Between Brothers

    Oh give me a break. You really think there is another possibility that makes sense to the original posting? Yeah I suppose they both went to a sperm bank and made a donation - or maybe one did and...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Too Old to Be Profitable

    Sorry - I didn't know I gave birth to you.
  19. Re: Stopping for School Buses in Private Parking Lots

    Doesn't matter if the "bus service" is "owned" by the school district or not. If the bus service is contracted by the school district/board/whatever, than the bus is using the parking lot to load...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Too Old to Be Profitable

    Ahhh - another injustice of the justive system here in the states!

    Lawyers are in business to make money. They have the right to accept or not accept cases. You have no recourse how they make...
  21. Re: Stopping for School Buses in Private Parking Lots

    Methinks "used by" is a fairly simple term. If this isn't simple enough, then all wording for all laws should be wiped by the books. If a school bus is using a parking lot to unload and load kids -...
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    Re: Paternity Between Brothers

    I would wonder how else this may be possible?
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    Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Hov Violation Riding a Polaris Slingshot

    I am not sure that law is clear and would contest it. It states; "Except as otherwise provided, an autocycle shall not be deemed to be a motorcycle." What does "otherwise provided" mean?

  24. Discrimination: Re: Company Rep Publily States Preference for Hiring Certain Race/ Gender

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
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    Re: Identified As Driver Suspended

    Wait a minute...

    ...did the officer see the OP operate the vehicle on a public road or did he just see the OP filling the car?
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