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  1. Establishing an Order: Re: Do You Need to File a Motion to Terminate Child Support when Child is 18

    Why did it change courts?
  2. Relocation: Re: Mother Wants to Relocate Against Father's Wishes, No Parenting Plan in Effect

    Dad does not need mom to sign a parenting/visitation plan. Dad needs a judge to sign it.
  3. Guardianship: Re: My Wife's Mother Refuses to Allow Her to See Her Older Autisic Sister

    However, a guardian is not suppose to micromanage their ward.
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Statutory Rape-18 Year Old Girl Pregnant by Under Age Boy 17

    It wasn't statutory rape, California has a Romeo-and-Juliet clause. Since they are within 3 years of each other, no crime.

    The boy is having a child. His "not being ready" is irrelevant.

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    Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: I Have Been Royally Screwed

    Their home has been the boys primary residence for 7 years. How often have you seen him (them?)? Was CPS involved when you initially transferred custody? How old is he?

    If they have been working...
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    Establishing an Order: Re: My Husband and His Ex

    He should file for divorce in his state. He will need to have his ex-wife served.

    He should file for visitation of the children in their state. He will need to have his ex-wife served.

  7. Home Schooling: Re: Homeschooling a Child with Significant Cognitive Impairments

    The parents should contact an experienced educational attorney. They should also contact their local home school defense assn. California is very hard on homeschoolers. If they are close to the...
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    Relocation: Re: Ex Moved Out of State, Wants to Take for Visits

    How old are the kids?

    Is the mom (as supervisor) going to stop her if she tries to remove the kids from her home?
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    Child Abuse: Re: Hospital Visitation Denied

    NICU nurses are wonderful and rest assured that the baby is getting plenty of love. I hope "official custody" gets settled quickly.
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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Baptism Without Consent

    Do you have joint legal? Does it specifically address religion?

    Both you and dad are allowed to expose your children to your own religion during your parenting time. Would the children being...
  11. Modification of Custody: Re: Mom on Drugs and Prostitute Wants Visitation I Am Terrified

    Yes, you can request all of that but it will be up to the judge if he orders it.

    Her arrest (and more importantly conviction) records are a matter of public record. If the drug classes were...
  12. Establishing Paternity: Re: Keeping One of Two Possible Fathers from Claiming Paternity

    You could marry your boyfriend. If you are married, he would be the presumed father without the need to commit fraud. However, especially since Fisher v Tucker, boyfriend could bring a court case to...
  13. Establishing an Order: Re: Can I Get Custody of My Brother While My Mother Looks for a Job

    Where is your brother's dad?
  14. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Child on Medicaid, State Orders Mandatory Child Support - Unless Living Together?

    Actually, they would be able to designate a caregiver (grandma, aunt, friend, etc) for the baby if they are both incarcerated.
  15. Modification of Custody: Re: Mother in Jail in Flordia and I Live in New York

    Why haven't you gone to FL to visit your kids? It doesn't sound like money was an issue.
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    Behavior Issues: Re: My 12 Year Old Boy "Touched" a 7 Year Old Girl

    Since it is a detective calling you (and not just a case worker), I would definitely have the attorney lined up before speaking with him, even to make the appointment -- let your attorney set that...
  17. Protective Services: Re: Do I Have the Right to Know What Somebody Has Reported to CPS About Me

    This CPS complaint is not about the abuse so she should not be questioning your daughter about it.
  18. Behavior Issues: Re: How to Stop My Son From Spending the Night at His Girlfriend's House

    Some kids are just bound and determined to ruin their lives.

    He has left you with two choices...

    1. Wait out the days until he turns 18 and detach.

    2. Meet with the police and report the...
  19. Adoption of Children: Re: How Do I Make My Daughter's "Daddy" Her Legal "Father"

    And if he is your husband, the follow-up question is did you report the rape to the police?
  20. Interstate Issues: Re: Old Custody Case

    You did abandon your child. You may have your reasons for why you allowed others to raise him. It may have been the best thing for him, but you made choices that resulted in you not seeing your son...
  21. Interstate Issues: Re: Old Custody Case

    Does your son know that you are his mom? Or was that what the disagreement was about, whether or not to tell him?
  22. Establishing an Order: Re: a Sufficient Enough Reason to Have Full Custody Granted to Me

    You could call the day care before you leave work to see if she is still there.
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    Establishing an Order: Re: Child Abducted What Should I Do

    I hope you can get into court quickly and get your orders.

    How did the Superintendent get your number?
  24. Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: I Am 16 and Pregnant - Can My Grandmother Become Legal Guardian

    Unless school is where she got pregnant....

    I agree with Mr. Knowitall.
  25. Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: Now Ex-Girlfriend Went to Prison and Left Her Mom As Guardianship,they Lived with

    Go get a copy of the birth certificates from Vital Statistics. Then call for a police escort and go get your children. Unless the grandparents have court-ordered temporary custody, the police should...
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