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    Re: Paternity and Name Change in Florida

    Paternity was established via a DNA test, that is not an option. The options are; as by the law, or the breakdown of our sexual relashons designating the man as the father, of which he is...
  2. Credit Reports: Re: Getting A Disputed Debt Off Of A Credit Report

    It is my understanding that once a demand letter requiring the creditor to provide proof has been sent, they then have 30 days to send you that proof, if they do not send it to you within the 30 days...
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    Paternity and Name Change in Florida

    I have been married for 10 years, however for about 2 years my husband & I sepreated and contemplated divorce. During this time I got pregnant and thought the man I was seeing at the time was the...
  4. Emancipation: Re: Pregnant Sixteen-Year-Old Wants Emancipation

    That is what I thought.....thanks for the confirmation!
  5. Emancipation: Pregnant Sixteen-Year-Old Wants Emancipation

    In the state of Florida, when a female is 16 going to be 17 in November and is pregnant, can she move out of her parents home without their permission?

    What are her rights as a pregnant...
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