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  1. Background Checks: Re: Got a Job Offer, Went Out to Celebrate and Got Myself in Trouble (Felony)

    There you go, one minute you do something stupid and now you want to take the coward's way out---real good.
  2. Disabilities and Accommodation: Re: Denied Return to Work After Injury Washington State

    No they are not.

    No, the employer is obligated to to try and accomodate but no where does the ADA state that the employer has to rehire the ex-employee----4 years? come on!

    And just how is your...
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    Hiring: Re: Felony Forgery in Texas Living in Sd Need Job

    You recieved your answer on another forum and most of the responders here are the same people on the other forum. The answer won't change.
  4. Disqualification: Re: Any Way Out of This

    I can tell you that this happens more than you think and I experience this on a weekly basis and I appeal all them. From my long experience, there are many state unemployment investigators that no...
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    Disqualification: Re: Confusing Determination Letter

    That happens more than you know especially on appeal decisions. I have had many appeal decisions that were of a completly different case. So speak with the VA unemployment division and let them...
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    Disabilities and Accommodation: Re: FMLA - Exempt Employee

    If what I am reading is right, I agree with you cbg. The OP can make all the time she wants to for pay purposes, but if the OP is using 10 hours under the guise of FMLA, then it is 10 hours, not 5.
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    Resignation: Re: Resignation

    Not in this situation. The OP is being asked to resign and reagrdless of whether they do or not they will still be let go and any unemployment division I have worked with would see that as qualifing...
  8. Background Checks: Re: Target Scam

    It most certainly is accessible. Of the thousands of background checks I have done in my career, there are countless times that an applicant has shown arrests but no convictions.
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    Unemployment Benefits: Re: Unemployment and Post 9/11 Benefits

    Yes you should tell them. No one here is going to engage in assisting you commit unemployment fraud.
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    Job Benefits: Re: Health Insurance Overpayment

    Who completed the forms? If your husband did and put you down, that is his fault, not the employer and he will have to wait until open enrollment to take you off.
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    Defamation: Re: Ex-Employer Sent False Statement

    Your beef should be with your ex not the employer. If the employer truly believes that you did sign the doctor's name to the form, then they are well within their right to terminate you and it is...
  12. Re: 9 Times for the Exact Same Problem

    Have you read here:
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    Background Checks: Re: Robbery Charge and Background Checks

    The lady telling you put no because you haven't been convicted yet is right as long as the question asking just about convictions. As the other have stated it will most assuredly show up on a...
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: Paid Time Off Structure

    Simple answer is to deny the employee vacation if they haven't accrued it yet.
  15. Denial & Appeals: Re: Former Employer Did Not Show at Appeal Hearing

    And if the employer has good cause as to why they didn't attend the hearing, it will rescheduled.
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    Job Benefits: Re: Denied Redetermination

    You can appeal their decision.
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    Background Checks: Re: Drug Charges - Case Dismissed

    Since all background checks are not created equal, it would be impossible to say whether it would show up or not. My best guess is that unless that expungment has gone through and the court has done...
  18. Background Checks: Re: 17 and Charged with Shoplifting. Record Inquiry

    Thats crap! Any potential employer has the right and there isn't a law, federal or state that prohibits an employer from asking any applicant if they have been arrested or convicted of a crime.
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    Re: How to Properly List an LLC in Claim

    This has to do with employment law how?
  20. Denial & Appeals: Re: Employer Said I Quit, I Was Denied, Going to Court May 13th

    The burden falls on the employer to prove you quit. Just tell the hearing officer exactly what you stated here. No one can state what the decision will be, but unless the employer can convince the...
  21. Hiring: Re: Apple Revoked Written Offer After Background Check

    This would only be true if Volt had a third party do their background checks.
  22. Background Checks: Re: Job Application After Being Charged with a Felony

    As of January 2005, the states that make it illegal are: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Utah, and Wisconsin. All other states allow most or all...
  23. Background Checks: Re: Job Application After Being Charged with a Felony

    What I posted came straight from the EEOC's website and in their own words, not the words of an attorney or their opinon.

    You take from a Catholic website:

    It is NOT the position of the EEOC to...
  24. Background Checks: Re: Charged with a Felony Job Application

    The EEOC does not bar asking those questions. They do state if an employer chooses to collect arrest or conviction information, it must do so consistently. When an employer asks employees or...
  25. Denial & Appeals: Re: Unemployment Appeal Hearing After Employer Is Out of Business

    The OP does automatically win unless the employer appeals and can show good cause as to why they didn't show.
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