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  1. Federal Taxes: Re: Calling Taxing Matters - LLC Annual Meeting Costs

    I didn't know how to word it in my question, but that is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Taxing !

  2. Defamation: Re: A Person is Destroying My Reputation, Simply on Revenge


    Paragraphs are your friend.
  3. Federal Taxes: Calling Taxing Matters - LLC Annual Meeting Costs

    I have two California LLCs, the operating agreements of which require that annual meetings be held to approve expenses, review future plans, look at distribution of profits, etc. When they were...
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    Violation & Enforcement: Re: Who Should Report Protective Order Violations

    If it's apparent they have no case then you need to consider they are firing you on a humbug charge because they don't want you.

    Years back one of my former officers left our agency and went to...
  5. Re: Tenant Breaking Lease - Difficulty of Collecting

    Just as a follow up -

    After checking, there were eight months left on the lease. After some back and forth, my property management company has negotiated a settlement with the tenant where he...
  6. Re: Tenant Breaking Lease - Difficulty of Collecting

    Tenent usually pays rent early. His October rent check has not arrived. Instead, he sent an email asking to negotiate a buyout of his lease. We responded with an offer. Should he decline and not...
  7. Re: Tenant Breaking Lease - Difficulty of Collecting

    I have instructed the property management company that he is not to be let out of the lease.

    Yes, we have his bank account numbers.
  8. Re: Tenant Breaking Lease - Difficulty of Collecting

    We are assisting the tenant in finding a replacement tenant and when he defaults, we will continue to vigorously advertise (as we usually do) to find a replacement tenant at the same rent.
  9. Tenant Breaking Lease - Difficulty of Collecting

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

    I own a beach house in California that rents for $4,410 per month. The current tenant, who is 2 months into a 1 year lease,...
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    Re: Energy Usage Due to Hidden Malfunction

    I'm a landlord who owns several properties and you probably won't like my advice.

    I don't care about the fine intricacies of the law. If I am obligated to provide my tenants with certain items,...
  11. Getting Fired: Re: Paternity Leave Problems (Threat of Termination)

    When meeting with HR, if the issue if underperforming is raised, ask to see:

    1. A written copy of the duty statement for your position.

    2. A written copy of the performance and productivity...
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    Federal Taxes: Re: How to Claim Roommate Income on Taxes

    As previously suggested, have a tax professional help you.

    For years I rented out a garage apartment in my home. The amount of write offs my tax preparer found (depreciation, utilities,...
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    Re: Out of Jurisdiction Speeding Ticket

    Look at Section 830.1(a) of the California Penal Code. It allows city police officers to take action for offenses outside their city - As to any public offense committed or which there is probable...
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    Deprivation of Civil Rights: Re: Beaten and Tased by Police but Not Arrested

    Aaah, so it wasn't the police after all. Kind of thought so.

    As far as not answering questions - your post was sparse on facts and what few that were present assumed things were not in evidence. ...
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    Deprivation of Civil Rights: Re: Beaten and Tased by Police but Not Arrested

    Generally speaking, cops don't usually taze someone and then strike the with batons and then kick them loose, simply because that person insulted them. There is usually a lot more detail to the...
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    Criminal Records: Re: Live Scan Help in California

    I worked for the state for 33 years and was involved in doing background investigations. While I did not work for DOJ, I did have occasion to interact with their live scan folks when assisting...
  17. Recovery of Premises: Re: Laws Around Non-Paying Tenant Living with You in Your Primary Home

    Reading between the lines I have to wonder if they may be a little more going on than just care taking and the OP is worried about a palimony suit.
  18. Mediation and Arbitration: Re: Arbitration Award Being Ignored and Courts Still Tryiong to Evict

    I'm going to suggest that is not the case if you have to come here seeking legal advice on his behalf because he doesn't know how to proceed in such a matter.

    He doesn't know how the other side...
  19. Other Professional Malpractice: Re: Dental X-Rays on an Epileptic Four-Year-Old Without Parental Consent

    Not to hijack the thread, but what is a Bluestacks Lucky Patcher Kodi tooth?
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    Defamation: Re: Can You Sue for Defamation Over a True Statement

    Now just wait a minute.

    Why is Tom, who is a lawyer, at a bus stop associating with such riff-raff? If he had been riding safely in the back of his chauffeur driven limousine, paid for by well...
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    Re: Stopping for School Buses in Private Parking Lots

    I'm going to throw a wrench into all of this.

    You said this occurred in the parking lot of a hi-rise apartment building. Who owns the apartment building or grounds they are located on? Is this...
  22. Thread: Divorce

    by L-1

    Re: Divorce

    He doesn't make much money
    Only five thousand per
    Some judge who thinks he's funny
    Says, "You'll pay six to her"
    He says, "Now, Judge, suppose I fail?"
    The judge says, "Son, step right on into...
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    Pets and Animals: Re: Animal Control Duties

    Hopefully, good old Texas BBQ will make up for the heat.
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    Pets and Animals: Re: Animal Control Duties

    Nope. Texas for a trade show. Hope I can handle the heat. It's supposed to be running about 99 and humid, unlike here at the beach where it's been in the low 70s and comfortable.
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    Pets and Animals: Re: Animal Control Duties

    Sorry folks, but I'm leaving for a two to three week road trip and can't participate anymore.

    I'll wait to find out how all this shakes out when I get back.
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