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    Re: How to Copyright Website - Use

    Many thanks for the excellent replies.
    I'll reply in more detail shortly...
    (And no, I'm not affiliated with the website I mentioned... if I was, I should be fired for such a pathetic attempt at...
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    How to Copyright Website - Use

    I would like to copyright my website.
    Eight web pages are viewable to the public, and I just created 2 additional pages where one would need the specific title of the webpage in order to see...
  3. Does the Fact That I Sell My Product Confer Automatic Copyright Protection

    I currently have a design patent on the appearance of a product, and would like to approach a company with a view to them licensing the concept.
    My design patent expires in a couple of years, so I'm...
  4. Copyright Law: Re: Copyright Protection Even if Application is Denied?

    Thank you for the reply.
    The design is of the appearance of a clockface - it's basically a traditional clockface, with a specific design on it.
    I am hoping to sell, or license, the concept to a...
  5. Copyright Law: Do You Get Copyright Protection Even if Your Application is Denied

    I have a Design Patent that was granted in 2007, and has 2 years left to run.

    I also applied for a Copyright back in 2004, which was rejected by the Copyright office... but I have their...
  6. Auto Insurance: Re: California - Teens Driving with Other Teens

    Many thanks for your reply! :)
  7. Auto Insurance: Does a Teen's Graduated Driver's License Violation Invalidate Your Auto Insurance

    I have heard that teens in California aren't allowed to drive with other teens for a period of time after they pass their test.
    If they do so anyway, would it invalidate the auto insurance? (I...
  8. Patents: Will Adding to the Design of a Design Patent Support a New Patent

    I have a Design Patent with 3 of the initial 14 years unexpired.

    It's a clock face - numbers around the outside, with a design in the center of the clock face.

    If I add wording on the...
  9. Patents: Can You Apply for a Similar Design Patent When Your Design Patent Expires

    I have a Design Patent on the appearance of a clock face.
    It expires in 4 years.

    Can I submit a design patent application just before the expiry of my current patent, making subtle changes, but...
  10. Traffic Accidents: What is Reasonable Compensation for a Car Accident Injury to a Minor Child

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: California

    My son (14) was injured 2 years ago when a car hit him while he was crossing the road in a pedestrian walkway. Driver...
  11. Trademarks: Re: If You Have a Design Patent Do You Still Need a Trademark

    Many thanks, again, for taking the time to give such great feedback.
    Yes, the obvious thing would be for me to file a Trademark. As a small business, I'm still trying to expand, and it's simply a...
  12. Trademarks: Re: If You Have a Design Patent Do You Still Need a Trademark

    Many thanks, Ron and JK, for your great feedback.

    Without giving the actual product name (it's not "Fish Clock"), I can confirm that it's definitely very relevant to the concept of a timepiece,...
  13. Trademarks: If You Have a Design Patent Do You Still Need a Trademark

    I have a Design Patent on the appearance / design of a clock face.

    I am now manufacturing the product, and have been selling it online and in stores for around 5 years.

    Let's say my...
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