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    Re: Confusion with Residency As a Minor

    Required for what purpose? If you're asking about your ability to be enrolled in school, your parents and/or your friend's mother need to contact someone at the school where you are to be enrolled...
  2. Modification of Custody: Re: Can a 17 Year Old Adopt His 15 Year Old Sister

    It hardly takes a fictional universe to imagine a 17 (and nearly 18) year old inheriting millions of dollars from a deceased parent.
  3. Modification of Custody: Re: Can a 17 Year Old Adopt His 15 Year Old Sister

    No court in the country would allow one child to adopt another child. Even if the older sibling were an adult, there's no way an adoption would be allowed for siblings so close in age.

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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Out of Country Vacation

    Let's start by gathering some relevant facts (and I'll note that I have zero interest in discussing whether or not what you're talking about is a good idea and am happy to stick to the legal issues,...
  5. Re: Can the Gov of Hawaii Be Sued for Violation People's Rights

    You might want to do some reading about Article IV, section 2, cl. 1 of the U.S. Constitution (aka the Privileges and Immunities Clause) before making statements like this. The basic gist of it is...
  6. Other Violations: Re: Got Ticket for Backing Vehical Onto Highway. in Iowa

    Bummer. Do you have a question?

    Also, FYI.
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    Re: Is the Holding of a Slapping Contest Legal

    Yup. And such contests are regulated by the Missouri Office of Athletics.
  8. Re: Business Owner Wants Me to Close Business As Ceo

    It sounds like you don't really know what these folks want, so it's hard for us to tell you too much. Since you are not, and apparently never were, a shareholder, and since you have resigned your...
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    Roommates: Re: Harassment About Shared Places

    How to deal with a difficult roommate.

    I have no idea what this means. As I explained previously, your post does not raise any legal issue.
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    Roommates: Re: Harassment About Shared Places the sublease with the woman or her daughter?

    Not really sure what you're contemplating. If I'm understanding you have five people living in a single residence, so you all are going...
  11. Re: Business Owner Wants Me to Close Business As Ceo

    I'm guessing this means that, when you resigned as CEO, the others involved with the business did not file a Statement of Information with the CA Secretary of State that indicated your resignation. ...
  12. Premises Liability: Re: Tape Over Broken Headlight Cover Catches Fire--Who Would Be Liable

    I'm at a complete loss to understand what it might mean for a car to "catch[] fire on the new owner" or how a car might catch fire because someone put any kind of tape over a broken headlight cover. ...
  13. Other Offenses: Re: Walmart Loss Prevention Took My Tag Number, I Never Entered the Building

    I'm sure thousands of things can be done with the number, but it's likely that nothing will come from it.

    Unlikely. Sounds like like it was a property owner or agent thereof seeking to...
  14. Privacy Crimes: Re: Can a Business for Any Reason Give Out My Ssn Number

    Putting aside the fact that anything that has been done can be done, and assuming your intent was to inquire about the legality of what happened, the answer depends on what agency did this, what...
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    Re: Is There Anyway to Combat This

    I assume this means January 2019. Correct?

    You're certainly free not to sign the document that the executor wants you to sign. The executor will probably then have to seek approval from...
  16. Discovery: Re: Georgia Civil Procedure: Which Discovery Documents Are Available to the Public wh

    As explained at the other site where you posted the same thing, discovery documents are not part of the court's file unless they are attached to a document that is filed with the court.
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    Parking Tickets: Re: 18 Inches from Curb Ticket

    You're asking anonymous strangers (most of whom aren't in California) whether you should contest a parking ticket (that is almost certainly less than $100) based on an ambiguous description of the...
  18. Re: Gifted a Car from Executor of Estate, Never Received Title, Unable to Contact The

    Please elaborate as to what this means. First, is your daughter's deceased grandfather your father or the father of your daughter's other parent? Second, does this mean that the will of the...
  19. Re: Does a Foreign Person Owning Us Assets Who Bequests the Assets to Only Foreign


    You're post is largely incoherent. If you can't write better than that, you'll need to enlist assistance from someone who can.

    Are you simply looking for a general explanation of how gift...
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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Responding to Emergency Custody Request

    The only valid advice you can get from anonymous strangers on the internet in response to this question is that you should retain the services of a family law attorney. That said, if there are...
  21. Re: Follow Up Q: is a Signed Price Quote from a Plastic Surgeon a Binding Contract

    Please stop creating duplicate threads. Follow up questions should be asked in the same thread as the original post.
  22. Roommates: Re: Can My Roommate Changing the Lock of the Apartment

    In addition to the questions already asked, I'm curious why any of this has anything to do with the OP's parents.
  23. Libel: Re: How to Determine Sender of Defamatory Anonymous Postal Mails

    I'm sure the answer is yes. If your intent was to ask the folks who post here how your mother (a woman who is completely unknown to us) might identify the sender of an anonymous piece of mail, I...
  24. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Got Caught Shoplifting a Few Years Ago and Want Unbanned

    Why folks continue to post about things like this and include the names of the retailers continues to baffle me.

    I don't understand your statement that "It . . . was never charged." If you...
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    Business Management: Re: Operating Agreement Breach

    I have no idea what this question might mean. Where do you "start with legal filing"? the courthouse?

    Your posts tell me you have no competency to handle this without an attorney.
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