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    Re: Under International Surveillance

    Your question is not about either international law or U.S. law -- it's about the laws of the nations in which you believe that surveillance is occurring. Speak with law enforcement or a lawyer in...
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    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Tenant Rights For a Rat Infestation

    Is this a single family home? An apartment? If an apartment, are other neighbors affected?

    If you have a continuing rat infestation problem and your landlord has been unable or unwilling to...
  3. Purchase Contracts: Re: Legal Description Deed and Sales Contract

    The builder is constructing a home on the second lot, so it reasonably follows that the builder did not intend to transfer it. The buyer has already contacted the builder to try to clear up the...
  4. Seller Disclosure: Re: Seller Not Disclosing Mold Damage Repairs

    Once repairs are completed, absent an exception under state law, disclosure of the past, remedied problem is not ordinarily required.

    If the mold was not properly abated, then the buyer has a...
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    Modification of Custody: Re: Grounds to Modify Custody or Timeshare

    You are stating that your boyfriend has not made an issue of the conditions in the home before. If they're new, then they could be temporary. We have no reason to believe that his ex- became a...
  6. Business Ownership: Re: Dissolved Partnership is Still Operating

    What sort of partnership are we talking about? A limited partnership? What state are we talking about?

    A partnership, as such, is not an incorporated entity, and thus even if it "dissolves" in...
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    Modification of Custody: Re: Grounds to Modify Custody or Timeshare

    Your boyfriend used to be married to this woman, so he should have a sense of whether this is "hoarding", messiness, or just a reluctance to fully move into a home that she may relocate out of at...
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    Parking Tickets: Re: Green Curb

    There is a difference between what a municipality provides in its own ordinance, and what a statute requires. If the statute that authorizes a municipality to designated time-limited parking through...
  9. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Is Pre-Trial Diversion Considered Court Ordered Community Supervision

    It depends on what you mean by "pre-trial diversion".

    If you mean that you completed, for example, a diversion program through the prosecutor's office such that charges were dismissed with no plea...
  10. Disestablishing Paternity: Re: Disestablish Paternity After a DNA Test when the Husband Signed a Birth Certifica

    Either he was married to the mother and signed an application for a birth certificate, or he was not married to the mother and signed an affidavit of parentage. (He did not sign a birth certificate.)...
  11. Eviction Notices: Re: Rcw 59.18.190 And/or Advice About Sufficient Notice

    From what you are stating, this would appear to be a valid modification of the tenancy, with sufficient notice for you to end the tenancy before the effective date if the modification were not...
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Accidental Exposure on Webcam

    If the person on the other end of the chat was an adult, the odds of anything significant happening are reduced. If it was a minor, it's more likely that action may occur.

    If you are deeply...
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    Drug Manufacture / Cultivation: Re: Caught Growing Marijuana

    It's worth noting that, although inapplicable here, Nebraska does allow certain authorized, educational uses of industrial hemp. If in fact the plants seized have negligible THC content, as verified...
  14. Legal Permanent Residency: Re: What to Do if You Don't Get a Replacement Green Card After an Extension

    If you qualify, try making an expedite request as described here.
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    Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Passing on a Single Use Highway

    Do you mean a highway with a single lane in each direction? That could constitute a violation of O.R.C. Sec. 4511.33(A)(2) if the passing is not conducted in a safe manner.

    If you received a...
  16. Legal Permanent Residency: Re: What to Do if You Don't Get a Replacement Green Card After an Extension

    If you are stating that your extension was approved but for some reason you did not receive your new Green Card in the mail, you can apply for a replacement using form I-90. You should be able to see...
  17. Termination: Re: What Law Allows a Permanent Criminal No-Contact Order

    See Iowa Statutes, Chpt. 664A.
  18. Sales Agreements: Re: Purchase of a Truck With a Falsified VIN to Conceal Non-Repairable Title

    If you can prove the fraud, you can sue the seller to recover your money. You may be able to do that in magistrate's (small claims) court, but if the value of the truck exceeds the court's...
  19. Interstate Issues: Re: Interstate Issues with Restraining Order and Custody

    You will need to have your lawyer review the order and advise you.

    The question of whether or not the warrant is valid is separate from the question of custody. You can make assumptions from the...
  20. Interstate Issues: Re: Interstate Issues with Already Existing Ro and Custody

    Under normal circumstances, the court with emergency temporary jurisdiction will communicate with the court that has continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to address any issues of safety.
  21. Denial & Appeals: Re: In California What is the Legal Definition of a 'Weapon' As It Relates to Employm

    Statistics that supposedly relate to the overall success of filings have absolutely no relevance to what may or may not happen in a specific case.

    Did the other worker in this case accuse you of...
  22. Defective Drugs and Medications: Re: How to Find a Lawyer for a Drug Injury Case

    With all of this having occurred twenty or more years ago, then as the lawyers have told you they cannot help you because the statute of limitations has run.

    If you believe that the manufacturer...
  23. Purchase Contracts: Re: Loan Servicing Company Sold a Home Despite Not Having Clear Title

    The issue is not whether they owned the land, but whether they reserved for themselves a contingency in the event that they later discovered a problem with title or ownership. If the contract lets...
  24. Will Contests: Re: Can You Contest a Will After Distribution

    Your facts are a bit confusing, and your rights may be affected by the exact language of the will and the laws of your undisclosed state, but... speaking generally and going with what you have...
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    Eviction Process: Re: How to Evict a Boat Slip Renter

    pg1067 is correct. This is apparently a home-brewed rent-to-own agreement, and thus your rights and remedies may be significantly affected by the content of the contract. Even if you had a lawyer...
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