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  1. Embezzlement: Re: Friend Caught Stealing at Work

    She is not in the clear from police. But given that the employer does not want to press charges, it is unlikely they will bring the matter to law enforcement's attention. She should pay the $500 as...
  2. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Fountain Drink Cup Sweepstakes

    What would you have done if the cup had been a sweepstakes winner? You would have bought it without a second thought.
    Would you have bought the drink with a cup that had the sweepstakes torn off?...
  3. Fraud: Re: How to Document That You're Not Involved in Fraud in Your Office

    Messages on your phone can be used as evidence in court. You should report the activity to the FBI, they have a task force that investigates health care fraud. You can also send them an emsail...
  4. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: I Returned the Wrong Item by Accident

    Bones G, you are fine. You told the manager, what happened and it was a mistake to begin with and nobody would prosecute for the $10 difference anyways.
  5. Federal Taxes: Re: Notice of Levy Issued for a Federal Tax Debt

    The amount you owe will continue to accrue interest. You'd be better off paying it off as soon as possible, even if it means eating rice beans ans water for a few months. The IRS will likely fiel...
  6. Federal Taxes: Re: Is Declaring a Dependent Mandatory

    IT si never mandatory to declare someone as a dependent. Even if you had a baby that was a clear dependent, you could chose not to declare them.
  7. Criminal Investigations: Re: Investigation Without a Warrent

    In public places, like the street , mall or library, there is no expectation of privacy. Police need no warrant to search or observe. One's home is protected by 4th Amendment. Accordingly, a warrant...
  8. Stolen Property: Re: Police Want to Question Me About Jewelry I Sold at a Pawn Shop Six Months Ago

    If you have something to hide, don't speak to them. You don't have to talk to them. If you ever get charged and go to trial, the prosecutor cannot tell the judge or jury about your unwillingness to...
  9. Obstruction of Justice: Re: Attorney Told Client to Leave

    If you believe an attorney wrong you, report their conduct to the bar authorities of your state. They can punish a lawyer for misconduct and can even take their bar license away if the conduct is bad...
  10. Extradition: Re: Arrested in Tucson, Have Felony Non Extraditable Warrant in Florida, What Will Ha

    If you were on probation in Florida, Florida can now revoke your probation and put you in jail for that.
  11. Initiation of Charges: Re: How Long Does It Take for a Warrant to Be Issued

    What state are you in? Sounds like there is already a warrant. It can happen within a few hours, the time it takes for a cop to go before a judge to get it done.
  12. Pretrial Procedure: Re: How Many Preliminary Hearings Occur in a Criminal Prosecution

    That's quite odd, looks like he already had a prelim hearing on 3/25. The rule is you only get one. That's when the prosecutor presents evidence to establish probable cause that the crime was...
  13. Drug Possession: Re: Should You Get a Lawyer for Drug Possession Charges

    Absolutely ask for an attorney. He can negotiate a plea deal. She can't.
  14. Domestic Violence: Re: How Can I Help My Husband

    A letter or talking to judge won't work. The judge doesn't just throw out case because a victim or witness opposes it. The one that will through out a case is the prosecutor. A sworn statement by you...
  15. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Charged With Shoplifting After Watching Friends Steal Merchandise

    There are many types of diversion programs. One is called a DPA-Deferred Prosecution Agreement - basically if you enter into an agreement with the prosecutor's office - typically if you meet their...
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    Federal Taxes: Re: Who Pays Taxes on Gambling Winnings

    Gambling winnings count as income and must be declared in your 1040s. The slant is that IRS allows a deduction for gambling losses. So if you won $1,000 once, but lost $600 other times that year,...
  17. Credit / Debit Card Fraud: Re: Statute of Limitations of Credit Card Fraud in North Carolina

    you could also be charged under federal ID theft (18 usc 1028) but the s/l is 5 years.
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    Fraud: Re: Car Down Payment Bounced - Grand Theft Auto

    I would pay off the loan that would show good-faith and minimizes chances of being charged. What I don't get is who has the car now. The dealership/agency/lender can't have it both ways. They can't...
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    Burglary: Re: Theft from My Home

    I would press charges against the trespassing guest. That would make you look better if the girl went after you since you are making it clear that the guy had no business being in your haouse when it...
  20. Fraud: Re: I Have One Week Left on Wire Fraud Statute of Limitation

    The tolling agreement extends the statute of limitations. If you don't, you likely will get prosecuted. The prosecutor can file an information (a charging document) in court as they do for...
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    Resisting Arrest: Re: Resisting Arrest

    I'm with free9man, too many ifs. Officers are given a lot of discretion to make calls based on their assessment and training and experience. One can always add more factors to tilt the scale. The...
  22. Homicide: Re: Mundering Twice the Same Person

    Yes you could be prosecuted again; that wouldn't not be double jeopardy, just as you could rob a bank twice or assault someone twice. Just because a person was wrong fully convicted does not give...
  23. Probation and Parole: Re: Probation Term Ending and Restitution Still Owed

    The way you say it , it sounds like your PO is threatening you; she may advise the court you failed to make the payments and the judge might resentence you if you had a suspended sentence. Did you...
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    Drug Possession: Re: Arrested But Never Indicted

    What is a GBI agent?
    Indicted means a rand jury signs a document charging you with an offense - that is for felonies.
    For misdemeanors, the cops can sign the accusation, called an information, and...
  25. Drug Possession: Re: What Determines if a Class B Drug Charge is Felony or Misdemeanor

    I agree with TC498. If the arrest is legal (i.e cops had probable cause to believe you were committing a crime), cops can not only pat you down for weapons for their safety but also inventory...
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