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  1. Re: Are There Any Holes in My Adverse Possession Case - Before I Take It to Court

    That is because what buyer B's predecessor (buyer A) did or did not do is relevant. The SOL started when A took title and that time is tacked onto the time that B owned the property. It is called...
  2. Re: Are There Any Holes in My Adverse Possession Case - Before I Take It to Court

    I am not going to argue the point. I gave you my opinion that your SOL runs for 15 years from the date that the state transferred the land to your buyer A. You should now get an opinion from an...
  3. Re: Are There Any Holes in My Adverse Possession Case - Before I Take It to Court

    I may be incorrect but I think you are misreading the law. You are not claiming adverse possession on land owned by the state but from whom the state sold the land to after the tax sale. When...
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    Re: Return Leased Vehicle During Covid

    Why don't you send GM financial a letter and enclosed copies of your call records?
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    Re: Red Light Camera Ticket

    No, you can't sue the city in small claims court or any court because the city has sovereign immunity. You can only sue for those issues that the law allows you to sue for and a traffic ticket isn't...
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    Layoffs and Reductions in Force: Re: Negotiating a Severance Agreement

    It probably has more to do with reduction of labor overhead than it does with age discrimination. There is nothing discriminatory about that.
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    Service and Repair: Re: Wifes Car Was Stolen from Auto Repair Shop

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    Credit / Debit Card Fraud: Re: Unauthorized Use of Credit Card

    What CC information is stored on your computer that a hacker would have access to it? How do you know it was your computer that was hacked and not a merchant computer or a server in a restaurant...
  9. Re: Is Employee Monitoring Software Legal in the U.S

    Then it's legal. It would also be legal if they wanted it installed on your personal computer if it was used to connect to their network for work purposes.
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    Business Regulation: Re: Is this a legal sales practice?

    If OP was a sales rep. working for his core company (and other companies) on a commission basis I would agree with you. But he isn't. He is a salaried employee of his core company and it raises...
  11. Re: Complaints to Apartment Management-No Response

    Go talk to your local health official.
  12. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Does My Neighbor Have Legal Grounds to Make Me Move the Meters

    This is not an issue of the meters being installed illegally because of any code violation. This is an issue of whether or not they were installed on the neighbor's property. And even if they were,...
  13. Thread: Target Assault

    by budwad

    Re: Target Assault

    I'm just pointing out that employees don't prosecute anything. Perhaps you meant that the store my file charges for shoplifting. And that may be predicated on if the OP tried to leave the store,...
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    Violation & Enforcement: Re: Attorney for Trial

    I believe that the same standard as the DA means that you are expected to understand court procedures, rules, and the law. But I don't understand why and under what if any rules you would not be...
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    Will Contests: Re: Contesting Will Five Years After Death

    An executor is a male, an executrix is a female, and a personal representative can be either male or female.

    You can get a copy of the will at the probate court in the county where your...
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    Will Contests: Re: Contesting Will Five Years After Death

    The statute of limitations to contest a will in Virginia is only one year from the date the will was filed with the probate court. That is to impeach the will. If you had hard evidence that the...
  17. Re: Peace Officer Bill of Rights (Pobra)- Legal Malpractice--

    This was totally unnecessary in your response but at least we know from where you come.
  18. Thread: Search Warrant

    by budwad

    Search and Seizure: Re: Search Warrant

    More important than the warrant is the affidavit that supports the warrant. Did they give you a copy of it? Did you ask for it?

    Hard to believe that an experienced coyote hunter would mistake a...
  19. Termination of an Easement: Re: I Wish to Terminate an Easement Attached to Our Title

    I will first agree with Mark that if the utility were amenable to relocating your service it will be very expensive because it would be at your request and not necessary to provide electric to your...
  20. Re: Can I Be Fired for Drug Use Without Failing a Drug Test

    I really don't get the point of the PA MM law that says you can't be fired for possessing a MM card but you could be fired for using weed. That is like saying you can't be fired for possessing a...
  21. Re: Adult Son Rents Room in Parents House; Can Parent Tow Sons Car W/O Permission

    You are misreading the statute. If you are a property owner in Michigan and you want someone's car towed from your property, you call the police. There is nothing ambiguous about the wording of the...
  22. Re: Adult Son Rents Room in Parents House; Can Parent Tow Sons Car W/O Permission

    You are misreading or misinterpreting the statute that was linked to.

    So all the owner of the property has to do is call the police and request that car be towed. There is nothing criminal...
  23. Re: What Are My Chances of Winning a Lawsuit in This Case

    I strongly suggest that you talk to other law firms before signing anything that resembles a retainer agreement. We have a law firm here in NJ that always says, "the worst accident may your...
  24. Thread: Nudity in Home

    by budwad

    Ownership Rights: Re: Nudity in Home

    It would all depend on what you are doing, for what purpose are you doing it when someone may see you. It is not illegal to be naked in your own home. Walking past a window or glass door is not...
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    Assault & Battery: Re: Assault on a Peace Officer

    And what emergency number do you call in your town when you need an ambulance or paramedics? Isn't it 911?
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