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  1. Criminal Law Issues: Re: Arrest for Retail Theft in Pennsylvania and Citizenship

    As you are convicted for immigration you most likely have to wait 5 year for employment and 3 years if you are applying under family class of naturalization from the date of your conviction. As you...
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: Immigration with a CWOF for Shoplifting

    First of all you are convicted for immigration and theft is CIMT and serious offence. When you receive probation by judge and plead guilty or no contest its a conviction for immigration as you admit...
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: I-485 After

    Disorderly Conduct Conviction should not effect your 485. However your case will go for interview which might result in another 2 to 4 months in delay. Say yes to arrest conviction questions in 485...
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: Shoplifting and Green Card

    Talk to your attorney. Convictions under the age of 18 has no effect on green card. Your crime would be covered under petty crime exception.
  5. Criminal Law Issues: Re: How to Get Court Certified Document of Expunged Case for Green Card Interview

    Regardless of what state you are in, in my understanding once the case has been expunged you can not get final court disposition letter they clerk wouldn't be able to see your case since it is not...
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: Filing I-485 with a Criminal Charge Pending

    They would wait for the final outcome of your criminal case, before making a decision on your case. As it is a felony if convicted could be devastating for your AOS. It must be reduced to any...
  7. Criminal Law Issues: Re: Exchange Student with Pending Misdemeanor Charge, Affecting International Travel

    Drug paraphernalia conviction will make you deportable & removable from USA.

    Now you need a good immigration and criminal attorney to help you with this case.

    A: You must change the original...
  8. Criminal Law Issues: Re: Green Card Application and Dismissed and Expunged Felony Charges

    Correct you need to answer yes truthfully and provide final court disposition letter to show the final outcome of the case.

    Now your company attorney should keep this information confidential as...
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: True or False Advice

    False that gentlemen is done with USA. The only chance he had to fight his case in the court of law and prove him self innocent. Now he is convicted and he was illegal to begin with so no hope for...
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    Drug Possession: Re: Minor in Possesion of Pot and Cigarettes

    Alex's Mom it should not make much of a difference. Please consult good criminal defense attorney to have favourable outcome. Unfortunately like everything else good attorneys cost money.
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    Drug Possession: Re: Minor in Possesion of Pot and Cigarettes

    Consult good criminal defence attorney and try to drop one charge related to POT and get probation on other cigarette charge. Once the probation is done case should dismiss and there would be no...
  12. Criminal Law Issues: Re: Is Permanent Residence Possible with Foreign Drug Issue

    If he pays fine in foreign country it is a conviction for immigration. Depending on which Drug if US immigration found out about it will cause big problem possiable denial for GC also.

    Now for...
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: Aggravated Felony After Downgraded Charges

    You need good immigration attorney as you needed good criminal and immigration attorney when your case was in court you might had a different outcome in your criminal cases which caused deportation...
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: Disorderly Conduct with Immigration

    Should not have a problem with Disorderly Conduct first offence. Be honest and get the certified court transcript for immigration. Consult your immigration attorney too.
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: Criminal Record Renew Green Card

    If you did three years for your possession conviction then it has to be felony and above 30G of marijuana ?

    In that case you are removable/deport-able from USA and also inadmissible for green card...
  16. Drug Possession: Re: Could My Marijuana Possession Charge Be Dropped

    If your friend admit in court that stuff was his charges should be dropped against you. Consult attorney.
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    Expungement and Sealing: Re: Who Has Access to Sealed Court Records

    All federal agencies will have record of your arrest. Like FBI, Immigration, customs homeland security and all other federal agencies and all the courts and law enforcement.

    If you have time then...
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    Drug Possession: Re: Possession of Marijuana - Small Amount

    If you are USA Citizen go to court ask the judge i am sorry plead guilty pay some small fine and get court supervision for year or two after that court will dismiss the charges and you could expunge...
  19. Criminal Law Issues: Re: Will Having Misdemeanors Affect My Green Card Renewal or Obatining My Citizenship

    Yes it can effect your Green Card and can cause deportation specially with multiple CIMT convictions. If you apply for citizenship they will look at every thing in your record. In general immigration...
  20. Criminal Law Issues: Re: Trespassing Charges and Citizenship Application

    Consult good immigration attorney, if you were convicted by pleading guilty or no contest and court sentence you. On the other hand Trespassing is not CIMT so you should be fine in that area.
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: Arrested, But Charge Was Dismissed

    As case was dismissed it should not effect you N400 application. Take all the documentation like certified arrest report, certified courts final disposition transcript/letter, original charging...
  22. Criminal Law Issues: Re: Drug Paraphernalia Charge and Green Card Application

    Drug Paraphernalia charge is deportable & removable offence for aliens. I hope you have got very good lawyers immigration and criminal both and somehow have this charge dropped or reduced.

    Keep us...
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: Am I Barred from the States for Ever

    See this and try to appeal and discuess with US immigration law attorney. If were under 18 when you were convicted there is a exception for that.

    (2) Criminal and related grounds.-

  24. Protective Services: Re: Drug Paraphalia and Forced Buying and Selling

    Did they have search warrant ? Did she have past criminal record with drugs.
    Pipe it self can be used for tobacco smoking unless drugs are involved it would be difficult to prove as drug...
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    Drug Possession: Re: Marijuana: Illegal Search and Seizure

    By law you could fight this case very easily as Illegal Search and Seizure but its a pretty long fight with good lawyer and lots of money.

    Now this case is over you plead guilty and been...
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