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    Hours: Re: 27 Pay Periods

    It's a math problem, not a legal problem.

    Your CFO or company payroll accountant is the one to figure it out.
  2. Modification of Custody: Re: Advice on Which Hired Expert Testimony Will Help a Case

    Very amusing. I hope that OP will report his results and we'll see if I'm wrong. LOL.
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    Re: How to Increase Rent for Renovations

    Here is the part of the Rent Stabilization Code that addresses rent adjustments for capital improvements.
  4. Modification of Custody: Re: Advice on Which Hired Expert Testimony Will Help a Case

    It's not going to happen unless your ex is a drug addict, blackout drunk, living in squalor and a bunch of other bad things.

    If your attorney is encouraging you, he's ripping you off for his fees...
  5. Property Rights: Re: Girlfriend Kicked Out - Access to Retrieve Property - State of Texas

    What do you mean by "gated area of his property." Explain the layout.
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    Civil Procedure Issues: Re: Inadequate Defense

    No. Only errors made by the judge are grounds for appeal in a civil case.

    How about providing some details.

    What was the case about?
    Who sued who and for what?
    What lies did the other side...
  7. Search and Seizure: Re: Evidence Collected to Obtain Search Warrant

    It might be enough for an arrest but it might not be enough for a conviction if the chain of evidence was improper.

    I suggest you hire a lawyer who is experienced in evidence suppression.
  8. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Shared Water Line Between Houses - and Owner of Other Property is Renting to Tena

    The tee might be inaccessible.
  9. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Shared water line - I am paying for my neighbor's water

    No. You bought the house, presumably knowing that there was only one water line and one meter for both houses. This was something you should have addressed as part of your purchase contract. You are...
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    Re: Car Accident - Rear Ended

    To be fair, the question doesn't specify US state. And while the UK doesn't have "states" as political subdivisions it is, in itself a "state" in the sense that it is "a politically organized body of...
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    Re: Car Accident - Rear Ended

    Same answer I would give anybody in the US.

    You have auto liability insurance? Report it to your insurance company and let the experts handle it.

    If you don't have insurance, hire a lawyer.
  12. Sales Agreements: Re: Bought 2005 Vehicle from Private Party. Not Given Smog Certificate

    That's easy. Go there.

    If you don't go you don't get.

    If you go and don't get, at least you know which way the wind is blowing.
  13. Privacy Crimes: Re: Video and Audio Recording Guests in Wisconsin

    This should answer all your questions:

    Quoted from Can We Tape:

    You can look up the statutes at:
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    Wills: Re: Fair Price

    Keep calling around. According to the following site, the average cost is about $375.

    She can save an attorney some time by...
  15. State Taxes: Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge State of Michigan Taxes

    I came to the same conclusion:

    Line 10 - starts with your federal AGI. Lines 11 and 13 adjust for Michigan Schedule 1 which does...
  16. Business Finance: Re: Received Check Payable to My Dissolved Company

    Practical advice, not legal advice, and you do it at your own risk.

    Endorse the check as Pres, then endorse it as yourself, deposit it in your personal checking account through the ATM.

    If it...
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    Sales Agreements: Re: Seniors Taking for Ride at Dealership

    It's legal if it was there when you signed the paper.
  18. Re: How is a State School University Police Department Funded

    Why do you ask?

    Do you think how they are funded provides some sort of defense to arrest and prosecution?
  19. Re: Salesman Lied and then Continued to Lie

    Trouble is, it's not really a "lie." Ray and Ginger can go back and exchange their vehicle for another any time they want to. It's called a "trade in" and they pay the difference between the current...
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    Sales Agreements: Re: Seniors Taking for Ride at Dealership

    There's no fraud if it was all listed in the contract that you presumably read before signing.

    If you didn't like the terms you could have said "No" and got up and walked out.
  21. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: New York - Enforceability of Right-Of-Way Restrictions

    I doubt if that clause will restrict what you do with your adjacent properties.

    However, if you have so much money that you can afford to buy all that property, you can certainly afford a lawyer...
  22. Re: Bot Car from 'Non-Owner'.owner Only Signed Title 'I Relinquish All Interest'

    There is only one thing you can do. Take your paperwork to the nearest DMV office. If there is a problem titling your car with what you've got, ask about posting a bond under the following statute:
  23. Re: Check Made Out to the 'Estate Of.' Bank Won't Accept Small Estate Affidavit to Op

    I'm beginning to wonder if the OP got an EIN from the IRS to use for the estate account.
  24. Contractors and Subcontractors: Re: Tree Removal Service Removed Wrong Tree

    He's going to have to be able to testify that the tree was live at the time the worker cut into it. The sooner he sees it, the better.
  25. Re: Check Made Out to the 'Estate Of.' Bank Won't Accept Small Estate Affidavit to Op

    Go to a different bank.
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