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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Coparenting with Ex

    If you feel that you cannot co-parent with your ex, then looking into establishing a parallel parenting plan may be helpful. Google offers many tips and examples for this type of visitation order.
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    Termination of Support: Re: What to Put in Court Petition

    Yes. You would need the courts to issue an order.
  3. Establishing an Order: Re: Is This Worth Getting a Lawyer?

    Perhaps it would be wise to seek the opinion of a few more attorneys. Some simply are not worth their salt. However, if you receive the same advice from multiple attorneys, then you'll have a...
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    Termination of Support: Re: What to Put in Court Petition

    You need a court order to stop child support. If you just quit submitting payments, then you could wind up having some serious consequences to deal with.
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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Petition to Show Cause Over Visitation

    How long have you lived in SC? If it's long enough, you may be able to argue that SC should have jurisdiction, not NY.

    Was your husband's paternity ever disestablished? You stated that you are...
  6. Support Arrears: Re: Are Payments Toward Arrears Applied to Interest or the Overdue Balance

    Typically, a portion covers the interest while part of your payment is applied to the principle balance. However, it's not unheard of for an attorney to draft something that deviates from this and...
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    Termination of Support: Re: What to Put in Court Petition

    Yes. Include this and leave out the rest. Your ex will have a chance to respond to your motion, after which you may choose to refute her response. If needed, you can include the other information...
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    Modification of Support: Re: Child Support and Self-Employment

    If I recall your post history correctly, it's the state that has initiated the legal proceedings to modify child support, right? If so, then it's my understanding that this case is the state v. your...
  9. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Abusive Ex Wife, Stopping Me From Contacting My Son

    It sounds as though it may be time to take your ex-wife to court, either to establish a visitation order, modify a current order, and/or motion for her to be held in contempt.
  10. Adoption of Children: Re: Step Parent Adoption and Absent Father Now Contest

    The fact that you have been raising your daughter to believe that her step-dad is her biological dad could actually hurt your case. If it comes out, then the courts may view it as an effort on your...
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    Modification of Support: Re: Child Support Appeal - What Happens

    It's unlikely that the courts will reduce the support obligation.

    If the mom and dad quit their job, their obligation can (and will likely) be calculated based upon what they were making. ...
  12. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Custodial Parent Does Not Pick Kids Up on Time

    Most visitation orders have a clause in them similar to "unless otherwise agreed to by both parties". This means that if the two of you agree to something other than what your order, well, orders,...
  13. Child Abuse: Re: Accused of Abuse Falsely, with No Real Physical Evidence

    I assume that you have discussed this with your attorney. What has he/she advised?
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    Termination of Support: Re: Terminating Child Support in Arizona

    Per the AZ legal self help website, "Family Law: Child support may be modified if there is a substantial and continuing change in circumstance. Examples are: if one of the children being supported...
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    Relocation: Re: Relocating Out of State

    If you can come to a settlement with your ex outside of court, it will be easier. However, to get to such an agreement, I think you're going to have to offer quite a bit. It is (in my opinion)...
  16. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Summer Vacation, Decree Wording Vague. We Have Joint 50/50

    Are weekends defined in your order? It's my understanding that weekends are typically Friday evening through Sunday evening. So you could have Friday night and Saturday with your kids and then send...
  17. Modification of Support: Re: Modification of Child Support Due to Financial Hardship

    According to this site, yes you can petition the courts for a modification. You can ask the agency to conduct a review (see the first linked site), you can hire an attorney, or you can attempt to do...
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    Modification of Custody: Re: Summer Vacation Visitation

    Does your order specify that your ex and yourself alone must transport the children? Perhaps the GF, if she has later working hours, could drop-off your children. Or perhaps you could go pick up your...
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    Termination of Guardianship: Re: I Want My Children Back

    When you signed over your children, were those papers filed with the courts? Also, for a more precise response, you need to locate copies of that paperwork and tell us whether it was guardianship or...
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    Support Arrears: Re: Claiming Child on Taxes

    Minus any names, what exactly does your order say in regards to the tax deduction?
  21. Termination of Support: Re: Child Will Be 21 in June, How Do I Stop the Child Support Order

    You'll need to petition the courts for an order to terminate child support. This should help you to get started: IN CS Termination Packet.
  22. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: I Used My Work Eap and Took My Kids to 2 Counseling Sessions. X is Mad

    1) You need to notify your ex of the appointments in a timely manner (at least a week when possible) so that he has the option of participating.
    2) You can take the kids to the appointments despite...
  23. Support Arrears: Re: What Kind of Motion Do You File Over Support Arrears

    Have you obtained proof of the direct deposits and taken that to the FOC yourself? I think that needs to be your first step.
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    Calculation of Support: Re: Complaint for Modification in Child Support

    How did you find out about the perks? That may be your starting point for proof.

    By the way, if you can convert the perks to a monetary value (or your ex can), then that will likely be considered...
  25. Collection and Enforcement: Can The Military Help Collect Support From an Enlisted Parent

    Hey, Dogmatique,

    (Since your PM box is full) I don't want to hijack this thread but I'm really curious about your comment "At least if he's military, THEY can actually step in. Once you get...
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