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  1. Initiation of Charges: Re: Statute of Limitations

    Every single day counts in determining statute of limitations. This does NOT vary between states.

    The only time weekends don't count is when determining the time in which you must do something in...
  2. Unlawful Eviction: Re: Storage Facility Owner Sold Goods Without Any Notice

    You need to review exactly what the rental agreement says and what, if anything, there are in state regulations of storage businesses. See if he followed the law and if he did, see if he followed the...
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    Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release: Re: Arrested for the Same Crime Twice

    Obviously the court thinks he is a bigger flight risk or a bigger risk to the community and has raised the bond.

    For a 20k bond, I would hire an attorney to figure out what is going on and do the...
  4. Pleadings: Re: Handling Ongoing Harm Related to the Same Cause of Action

    Most states, including Florida here, allows you as a matter of right to amend your civil complaint once without leave of the court.

    As the new defamations are just that, not just continued use of...
  5. Motions: Re: Challenging and Reversing a Court Order - Best Technique

    Ditto the above.

    Excusable neglect never applies to orders of the court, it applies to errors made by counsel and litigants.

    You do not generally ask a court to vacate an order, unless it is a...
  6. Defective Products: Re: Manufacturers and Retailers of Herbal Incense

    Actually, you have no standing to sue anybody. Suing a retailer is going to be tuff. Any product liability action also has to jump through a bunch of hoops.

    The only thing likely to happen is some...
  7. Defamation: Re: False Police Report Filed by Step Daugter/Wife Resulting in My Arrest

    Ditto, most of the above. HOWEVER, you do not have a defamation case. Basic fallacy.

    Everything said to the police or in court is privileged. It is a matter of public policy. There is NO private...
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    Premises Liability: Re: Death on Anothers Land

    Sometimes accidents happen and there really is no one to blame. Most people look around for someone to blame and I don't blame them. The issue is, can you/your family prove in a court of law that the...
  9. Chemical Tests: Re: Son Ticketed with 4-244.43 and 28-1381a1 Underage DUI

    In any DUI case, HIRE AN ATTORNEY experienced in defending that type of offense. DUI is a very specialized area of law. Do NOT hire your family attorney, the guy you know down the street or some...
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    Business Issues: Re: What Protections Does Having a LLC Give

    As explained, there is no surefire way to protect your assets in a LLC or corporation. However, an LLC is NOT a corporation, it is a partnership with liability protection. A creditor/court could not...
  11. Police Conduct: Re: Police Aren't Providing Protection to Battery Victim

    You have no standing to do anything or sue anyone in the U.S.

    Only your brother in law has any standing and he is obviously neither capable or willing to do anything.

    No attorney is going to...
  12. Copyright Law: Re: Freelancer Developing Content for My Company - Who "Owns" It

    You have answered your own question.

    If it was a work for hire, for instance, you paid him a salary, he worked regular hours in your place of business, etc. he would be your employee and his work...
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    Civil Rights Restoration: Re: Buying Firearms With a Criminal Record

    Many states have alternative resolution procedures for bad checks and don't prosecute them criminally. If it was prosecuted criminally, it would be a misdemeanor. Thus it is not a bar to owning a...
  14. Contract Law: Re: Signed Purchase Agreement for Shares, Do Not Want to Sell Now

    You signed the agreement and accepted the check. The fact that you have not cashed it is not material. This is a binding contract. If you want to get out of it, be prepared to spend and then pay far...
  15. Medical Malpractice: Re: Can an Ambulance Company Be Sued for a Wrong Decision for a Disabled Young Adult

    Sounds more like it should be an action against the doctor(s) that prescribed the medication.

    If you had a case, an attorney would take it on contigency. You can NOT do a medical malpractice case...
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Getting Sued for $5 Million 2 Years Later for Personal Injury from Car Accident

    At this point there is only one thing that matters. The statute of limitations in Virginia for personal injury is TWO YEARS from the date of injury. If the plaintiff's attorney sent you a LETTER,...
  17. Crimes Against Family: Re: Minor Contacting Me

    If the person is over 18, then the parents have nothing to say about it. If the person is under 18, then the minor has no standing. Minors have very limited legal rights and can't consent to anything...
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    Suspended Registration: Re: Suspended Registration in New York

    The registration involves the license plates and the renewal stickers. Generally registration is suspended if those are not paid, or if there is no insurance on the vehicle. You NEVER sell the plates...
  19. Default Judgments: Re: Can a Superior Court Clerk Sign Off a Default Judgement

    AZ is nuts. If this was true, it would be a constitutional class action before the US Supreme Court in no time.

    There is NO FEE for filing an answer. Who sold you that con job? There is only a...
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    Theft and Larceny: Re: Supposed Verbal Agreement

    This, I believe is a total scam. You and your employee are being scammed.

    He can try to enforce a verbal contract with the employee in court and is likely to loose.

    He has no claim against you....
  21. Arrest Warrants: Re: Arrested and Jailed Because Court Sent Subpoena to Wrong Address

    A couple of issues. To collect for emotional damages, there has to be a PHYSICAL injury. It is called the impact rule. There are a few exceptions recognized by the courts, but nothing to help you. To...
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    Sex Offenses: Re: 19 Year Old Male and 16 Year Old Female

    I seriously doubt you or her will have strong enough self-will and discipline to keep it from going further than friends. You are playing with fire. You are really playing with fire in Texas. I would...
  23. Auto Insurance: Re: Can a Past Claim Be Denied if You Change Auto Insurance Companies

    No, changing insurance companies will have no legal effect on your auto repairs or other insurance benefits from the company you had at the time of the accident. Sure the insurance company won't like...
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    Business Issues: Re: Non-Compete and Being Sued

    Non-compete agreements have geographic limits. It would be virtually impossible to enforce such an agreement in another state. These agreements are limited by case law and have to be reasonable. They...
  25. Obstruction of Justice: Re: How Can I Clean This Up

    You should be talking to the lawyer who was responsible for handling your case and getting it resolved. As the attorney of record he obviously got whatever was sent out by the court. I would talk to...
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