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  1. Re: How to Seal, Expunge or Remove a Restraining Order

    Sealing a restraining order is possible. I have done it for clients. The sealing of a restraining order is not governed by the seal/expunge statute that is used for criminal cases. It is a civil...
  2. Criminal Records: Re: Can Pretrial Diversion Be Considered a Conviction

    Typically pretrial diversion is not considered a conviction because pretrial diversion doesn't involve the court adjudicating you of anything like after you take a plea or after a trial if you are...
  3. Expungement and Sealing: Pardon and Expungement in Florida

    Update to a previous post I had posted in regards to expungement after pardon in Florida:

    The bottom line is that you cannot seal/expunge a case even after you have been pardoned. See the...
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    Probation and Parole: Re: Probation Restitution to Civil Lien

    The civil lien may pose a barrier to sealing your record. I have had judges deny my motions for sealing or expungement if the person has not yet paid their court costs. Whether this is legal or not...
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    Expungement and Sealing: Re: Expungement In Florida

    Generally no, you don't have to divulge the arrest, case, or the fact you had the record sealed or expunged. There are some circumstances where you do. See my exceptions page on SealMyRecord.Com.
  6. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Expungement For Domestic Violence In Florida

    If the charges were dropped on a domestic violence case then the case CAN be expunged as long as you don't have any other cases anywhere else where you were convicted (adjudicated guilty).

  7. Expungement and Sealing: Re: How Can I Get An Expungement In Florida

    If you were adjudicated guilty or delinquent you will not qualify to seal or expunge. This record since it is a violent offense will not come off your record (if charged as a juvenile) until you are...
  8. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Sealing or Expunging a Florida Criminal Record

    If your lawyer had the charge amended to a burglary of a dwelling instead of a structure he did you a misservice. A burglary to a dwelling cannot be sealed if you take a plea and get a withhold of...
  9. Expungement and Sealing: Re: No Response To Petition To Have Record Sealed Or Expunged

    Don't worry yet. The FDLE, despite their claims to process these in one month actually take about 5 months to process these. I would shoot an email out to the FDLE seal/expunge dept. and ask what the...
  10. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Can Seal Arrest Record Be Expunged?

    Don't know about New York, but if anyone has this question for a Florida case, after 10 years of a record being sealed, it can be expunged.
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    Expungement and Sealing: Re: How Do I Get My Record Expunged

    If this case was in Florida, you have the right to get the record sealed. However, when applying for law enforcement positions you have the legal obligation to tell your prospective employer that you...
  12. Defamation: Re: Depicted as a Sexual Predator in Poster at Work, in Florida

    This is an interesting story. Why was your photo on the wall at your office? Why would the company not remove a picture of you? Does the woman work for the same company? Did you advise your employers...
  13. Expungement and Sealing: Re: I Have The Certificate Of Eligibility - Now What?

    Here's what you need to do:

    1. You need to prepare and file a petition to seal or expunge.
    2. You need to prepare an affidavit in support of sealing/expungement. If the case is in Orange...
  14. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Confused over Expungement in Florida

    You should be able to seal both cases. Under Florida law multiple cases can be sealed or expunged IF they RELATE TO THE SAME INCIDENT regardless of when they were charged. It is important that the...
  15. Police and Unlawful or False Arrest and Imprisonment - Your Rights in Florida

    Florida law requires that arrests be made upon probable cause. If there is no probable cause for an arrest then the arresting agency and the police officer may be subject to an action for false...
  16. Expungement and Sealing: Can you seal/expunge more than one case? Administrative Expungement?

    Florida law only allows you to seal/expunge one case per lifetime under the sealing/expungement statutes. The only other chance you have is an administrative expungement if the 2nd arrest was "by...
  17. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Florida expungement granted, now what?

    Typically the clerk is charged with sending out certified copies of the court order expunging the record. The clerk will only send out copies of the order to those agencies listed on your order. In a...
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    Expungement and Sealing: Re: Expungement of Florida DOC records

    You need to have the Texas order specify that all records pertaining to the case be sealed. Florida should honor that order based on the "full faith and credit" clause of the constitution. Ask your...
  19. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Florida Expungement/Sealing Domestic Violence

    Yes...the Domestic violence case is eligible to be expunged in the scenario you explained because you have never been adjudicated guilty of any criminal offense and you didn't take a plea to the DV...
  20. Expungement and Sealing: Can you Seal or Expunge your Florida Criminal Record After a Pardon

    For those of you seeking a pardon in Florida, be aware that typically a pardon WILL NOT give you the right to seal or expunge unless the pardon expressly gives you the right to seal/expunge. So, when...
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    Expungement and Sealing: Re: Expungement Problem in Florida

    Some state attorneys object as a matter of course. Their objection if the person meets all the state criteria to expunge is not made in good faith. The person absent any valid reason should not be...
  22. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Probation Cost Turned Into Lien in Florida

    If your probation period is completed and the court has lost jurisdiction over your case the probation costs have indeed turned into a lien. A lien is a civil lien not a criminal one.

    Since you...
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    Expungement and Sealing: Re: Records expunged but still exist

    It's not a crime for them to maintain the records, but to divulge the information or the fact you've had a record expunged. However, by keeping the information they are in contempt of the court's...
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Lending A Spare Car To A Friend

    Lending your car to your wife's friend is risky. In Florida, if she's in an accident the other party can sue the driver AND the owner of the car for giving the person the car. It's called the...
  25. Traffic Accidents: Re: At-Fault Uninsured Driver in Florida

    I agree with Mr. not declare least just yet. Do you have any witnesses that could testify that you were rear-ended and pushed into the other car? Do you have any...
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