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  1. Sex Offenses: Re: Chat Room Sting

    First of all, professional opinions are found only through paid lawyers. People here are volunteers and do this on their own time.

    2nd of all if you want a better opinion provide more...
  2. Criminal Investigations: Re: Wrong

    Yes, you are right. Family law is indeed different but I understand your point.

    I found two cases similar to ones that he has posted.

  3. Criminal Investigations: Re: Wrong

    Oh so they have been convicted solely based on these posts here?
  4. Criminal Investigations: Re: Wrong

    Thank you cbg. That makes a lot of sense now.

    Great example!!!

    I will definitely show him what you said. I told him that its not a good idea but luckily a lot of things have been minor and...
  5. Criminal Investigations: Re: Wrong

    It pretty much is the same. You guys here post direct advice/suggestions for people telling them what you think they should do and evaluate whether you guys think something is/is not a crime based on...
  6. Criminal Investigations: Re: Wrong

    Thanks for the swift reply!

    In terms of legal advice I guess it is kind of similar to what you guys do on here. In terms of what he exactly does, he refers people to the appropriate penal codes...
  7. Criminal Investigations: Can You Be Criminally Investigated for Posts You Make Online

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    My friend is an aspiring lawyer and for the last 2 months has been trying to help other people. Pretty much he is on an app where he...
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