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    Contract Law: Re: Contract Guarantees

    My question involves business law in the state of: New York but we do business across the US

    Which is why it will depend upon the law of the state he is seeking to enforce it in. He could put a...
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    Contract Law: Re: Contract Guarantees

    That would depend upon the laws of the state where you are trying to enforce the contract
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    Re: Executor Misplaced Receipts

    The commissioner of Accounts is a county official who reviews all accountings of estates in Virginia.
  4. Traffic Accidents: Re: Auto Accident Upstate New York Other Driver 100% at Fault

    Enough to cover all her medical bills, now and any in the future. The value of her car, since it was totaled. And the great unknown, without knowing the insurance company involved and the...
  5. Thread: Late Car Rental

    by doucar

    Re: Late Car Rental

    As I stated before, no police report may have been filed. The party may have gone to the magistrate and sworn out a warrent. Very common in the south.
  6. Thread: Late Car Rental

    by doucar

    Re: Late Car Rental

    In many southern states, I am not sure about GA, an individual can appear at the magistrates office and swear out an arrest warrant. It would then be prosecuted by the states attorney. So a police...
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    Slander: Re: Malicious Gossip

    Sue her for slander (for money) is the only remedy I am aware of
  8. Re: Find Company Shareholder Info for a Publicly Traded Company

    If not in that proxy pdf, would their contact info (address, email address) be found anywhere, in any SEC filings, or....

    That would be in the corporation shareholder record, no where else.
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    Working With a Lawyer: Re: When Does Attorney Client Privilege Start

    THe attorney/client relationship begins with, I want to talk to you about a legal situation. in private. It does not end if you do not hire the attorney. As long as you do not discuss a crime you...
  10. Re: Revocation of a Confirmation Order Under 11 U.S. Code and 8239;1144

    If you are talking about a revocation of confirmation that you filed, you must set a hearing and present evidence showing that the confirmation should be denied. If it is a large case, the US...
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    Robbery: Re: Police Lied to the Solicitor and Judge

    In the south, particularly, more than one county may be in a circuit, but each county has its own prosecuting attorney, so completely different jurisdictions as far as prosecutors go.
  12. Bankruptcy Issues: Re: Bankruptcy Effecting Credit

    The debt on the house would be reported to the credit bureau as in bankruptcy, which could affect you as would her defaulting on the payment and not paying, unless you made the payment.
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    Deeds - Quitclaim: Re: Quitclaim Overturned Due to Duress

    It wasn't a self deal, my mother was present and witnessed the whole transaction.
    Anytime a holder of a power of attorney deeds property to him/herself, it is a self deal. If your mother was...
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    Re: Are Student Loans a Negotiable Instrument

    I am not sure, but I believe it is a negotiable instrument, but that would depend upon which type of student loan we are talking about.

    "the statements that they provided clearly indicates that...
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    Chapter 11: Re: Motion Filed Before Defendant Filed Bankruptcy

    No, you would appeal a NY bankruptcy courts decision to the district bankruptcy appellate panel that is over the Court you are appealing from. Unless you get permission from the NY bankruptcy court...
  16. Criminal Investigations: Re: How Can I Get Justice for My Son He Was Murdered and No Charges Where Filed

    You cannot sue the police under theses circumstances. You have not standing, but even if you did, just a month has passed and they may not have completed their investigation. Unlike on TV, arrests...
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    Embezzlement: Re: Possible Embezzlement Charge Coming for

    Yes, the prosecutor can charge your wife. If a bank robber gets caught right outside the bank and the bank gets its money back, he/she can still be charged with bank robbery. The same general...
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    Domestic Violence: Re: Order of Protection Tennessee

    You need a lawyer yesterday.
  19. Other Violations: Re: California 22100(A) Violation and Procedure to Contest

    The ticket is a promise to appear with an outline of why. The officer will fill in the details when he testifies. If he got the intersection wrong, he will be given an opportunity to correct.
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    Disability Benefits: Re: Disability How Difficult is It to Get

    Just a clarification. From 44-46% of SSD claims are approved on initial application. So yes, the majority are denied, but it is not a large majority. while it appears that his could be denied and...
  21. Retirement Benefits: Re: Questions: Collecting Ss Retirement Benefit at Age 62

    Just to note, you social security benefit does not go up after age 70. What you get if you first claimed it at age 80 would be the same as you would have gotten if you claimed it at age 70.
  22. Retirement Benefits: Re: Questions: Collecting Ss Retirement Benefit at Age 62

    I had it happen to me, i exceeded the income limit one year. They came back to me 2 years later and wanted to take all my checks (2.5 months worth) to repay it. I was able to negotiate a payment...
  23. Retirement Benefits: Re: Questions: Collecting Ss Retirement Benefit at Age 62

    sounds right
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    Re: Minor Looses Foot

    The insurance company has no obligation to pay anything, unless and until a court rules that the insured was negligent and what the damages were because of that negligence. I won't comment upon the...
  25. Breaking a Lease: Re: Do I Have to Pay Her Lease After Moving Out

    If I understand your question, it is do you have to pay your girlfriend's lease on her new apartment after she moves out? Absent very unusual circumstances which you did not mention, no.
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