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  1. Gambling: Re: Are Lottery Ticket Receipts Legally the Same As Tickets

    Thank you for your insight, it is most appreciated!

    The way the system supposedly used to work is as follows: A person would go to the store in state A, where the service operated. They would...
  2. Gambling: Purchasing Lottery Tickets from Other States

    My question involves federal law.

    I was reading about a case, "PIC-A-STATE PA V Reno" in which PIC-A-STATE felt that a new Pennsylvania law was unconstitutional. However, prior to this law being...
  3. Student Discipline: Re: Can Schools Ban Public Parking

    It is a private college in a residential area. While students do consume a number of parking spaces, there isn't a single home near the school without its own private garage. In the contract for...
  4. Student Discipline: Can Schools Require Students to Park On Campus

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: California

    I don't intend to do anything, however I wonder if what my school is doing is legal. They have a parking lot, in which they charge...
  5. Gambling: Are Lottery Messenger Services Legal in the USA

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: CA

    Are Online Lottery Messenger Services generally legal in the USA? I was reading an article online
    in which this developing industry is...
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