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  1. Marriage: What Are the Legal Consequences of Marrying an Illegal Alien

    I was just wondering, especially for those U.S. citizens that have gone through the process of adjusting their spouse's status, if there have been any negative legal repercussions as a result of your...
  2. Does Dating An Illegal Affect My Ability To Obtain A Security Clearance For A Job?

    I would just like to know the impact that this would have in obtaining a government security clearance. My job is in the accounting field. Thanks!
  3. Is It A Crime If You Live With Your Illegal Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?


    I was just wondering if a person is "aiding and abetting a fugitive" by living with their illegal boyfriend/girlfriend. I read an article last month about how the internal affairs chief of...
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    Marriage: Annuling A Fraudulent Marriage


    I have a friend that was involved in a fraudulent marriage, in which he gave a sum of money to a woman in exchange for marriage, which would lead to a green card. At the time, he was very...
  5. What Are Some Red Flags That Someone Is Trying To Use You Just For A Green Card

    I am just interested in learning about some common red flags that people that have gone through this before in their relationships have seen. Thanks!
  6. Marriage: Is It Possible To Change From Illegal To Legal Status?

    I am a U.S. citizen. I am dating an illegal immigrant from South America. He has overstayed the tourist visa that he used to come to the U.S. legally several years ago. We don't have any plans for...
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