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  1. Sex Offenses: Re: A Minor Chats on and is Sexually Harassed, Can Legal Action Be T

    Hi Sarses,

    My daughter had the same kind of problem on this site - I contacted the moderators and they gave me some technical information about the guy, so that I could...
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    Marriage: Re: Marriage and Work

    There is not much you can do apart from spending more time with her, immigration has to be cautious about people marrying shortly after they met and who come to the US
  3. Service Providers: Re: Phone Number Listed As Number for Someone Else's Business

    I think jk has a point, the simpler thing would be to change your phone number or wait until the numbers of calls decrease, but it could take time and be really annoying I guess
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    Slander: Re: My Ex is Making My Life Very Difficult

    The real question is, is she telling the truth or some lies about you? I do not think there are laws against telling the truth
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