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  1. Violation & Enforcement: Computer Seized After Alleged Violation of a Protective Order

    IF this is a repeat, sorry, I didnt know how to bump up a thread.

    Cops came and took computer with a search warrent stating my son was in violation of his restraining order. The end.

    We have...
  2. Violation & Enforcement: Re: Cops Took Computer in Search Warrent

    hi JK,
    but there is no case. Thats what I dont understand. We are dealing with the second violation, we had a court date but changed it because we needed time to get receipts and proof. Our...
  3. Violation & Enforcement: Computer Seized After Alleged Violation of a Protective Order

    here an update as we move forward and this whole restraining order thing, well, has gotten way out of hand.

    my 17 yr old has a protective restraining order. We never went to court or nothing to...
  4. Violation & Enforcement: Re: False Allegations

    Some of the allegations on the RO were true, but other things were not. We were told to just accept and then move on. Which we did, but now with these false allegations of him breaking the RO, can...
  5. Violation & Enforcement: Re: False Allegations

    Oh boy, here we go. the judge just ordered my 17 yr old son to pay their legal fees. Not sure how he is supposed to do that, he is still in high school. Oh wait, I guess I have to pay, as the...
  6. Violation & Enforcement: Re: False Allegations

    thank you for helping.
    I realize we cant bring in her mental health. I guess my issue is that my son has to continue to prove he is innocent vs them proving he is guilty.

    My understanding...
  7. Violation & Enforcement: Minor is Accused of Violating a Protective Order Issued to His Ex-Girlfriend

    Wow, this is getting so out of hand.

    My 17 yr old son sad horrible things to his GF. They filed a restraining order.

    Even though there were some allegations on the restraining order that...
  8. Violation & Enforcement: Restraining Order Violation Proceeding After Threats on Social Media

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Mass.

    My 17 yr old son had a restraining order placed on him. someone reported that he posted something on a social network.
    The police...
  9. Replies

    Establishment: Restraining Order is Not Accurate

    Any suggestions. My son was put on restraining order by harassing his girlfriend through texts. They are both minors. We just got the affidavit and some of what was reported is not true. Most of...
  10. Establishment: Re: Restraining Order

    @llworking He is going back to his therapist.

    @adjusterjack Thanks for the info.
    What's so hard about finding a lawyer?
    You call up, make an appointment, go in, hand over a check,...
  11. Establishment: Restraining Order After Threats by Text Message

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Mass.

    My 17 yr old son was given a RO from his GF. My son was making threats to her by text since they broke up. (we are dealing with all of...
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