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  1. Unemployment Benefits: Re: Does the "Cares Act" Cover Sallaried Workers

    from all I am seeing and have read if you have a cut in pay or hours (which is a cut in pay), you most likely would be eligible for partial unemployment -- not sure how diffefent states are...
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    Criminal Records: Re: Crimes Abroad

    when we run our bg checks, it checks where a person has lived in a certain time period. If out of country, the checker asks us if we want to do the BG check in that country also....our answer is...
  3. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Spring Break Extended Due to Corona Virus

    agree... have to wonder why you all aren't agreeing to split it like I think most reasonable adults would do... poor kid!
  4. Re: Are Merchants Required to Honor Your Receipt

    I'd just cancel the sale and return the two beanbags...then close the credit card/account with that retailer. It sounds like they found this mistake very early. And it could be that they think you...
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    Re: Office of Inspector General

    So you've already been terminated? What was the reason given? They obviously found enough to terminate you and are now looking at whether charges can be filed.

    A lot is going to depend on the...
  6. Re: Removal of Personal Images on Auxiliary Company Public Facebook Page

    can't you just untag yourself from the photos -- if they are linked to your name, you should be able to do so.....
  7. Other Injuries: Re: Charged with Trespass (Warning) at Club Warehouse, Banned for 1 Year Question

    100% sitting on your bench....
  8. Other Injuries: Re: Charged with Trespass (Warning) at Club Warehouse, Banned for 1 Year Question

    agree I suspect that the fact that you nonchalantly continued shopping AND then after a 2nd incident left without talking to a manager/calling corporate or the police didn't help your cause.

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    Disciplinary Issues: Re: Uniform Policy Not Applied to All Workers

    generally yes, different standards can be upheld unless the reason for the difference is due to a protected characteristic. That is, are they applying this to FAs because they are (mostly) female...
  10. Re: Letter from New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development -Employer Ac

    Yes, definitely! I do see that I wrote that in a confusing manner.....I meant employers classifying positons as ICs!
  11. Re: Letter from New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development -Employer Ac

    we were just on the company side of this in NC. To our knowledge they didn't ask for documentation directly from the ICs, but it is very likely they could and what they are asking of you is to see...
  12. Thread: Lost Bonus

    by hr for me

    Job Benefits: Re: Lost Bonus

    where are you located?

    was there a written bonus plan? If so, you can ask for a copy of it. That said, some bonuses are discretionary and others non-discretionary.
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    Hours: Re: 27 Pay Periods

    agree that this discussion needs to take place with finance...because on biweekly payrolls, 52/2= 26 but not all calendar years have those 26 fall within the 12 months - there is always over/underlap...
  14. Re: Bought Brand New Car and Dealer Didnít Verify Insurance

    It is your personal responsibility to make sure your car has the insurance you want it to have. It's not the dealerships.

    When you took the old car off and put the new one on, did you not discuss...
  15. Re: Given Back Old Job W/Light Duty. Any Way Out

    If he stops working when they are offering light duty, it is 99% possible that he will lose any lost wages payments from WC.

    In the end there should be a list of either duties he CAN do or ones...
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    Calculation of Support: Re: Terminating Parental Rights (Texas)
  17. Robbery: Re: Help,bank Teller Stole Money from Trough Incident

    I think it's also time to talk to the corporate bank management and/or switch banks.
  18. Job Benefits: Re: Can I Keep My COBRA Even if I Offered Health Plan at My New Job

    Just one clarification - if this OP drops COBRA voluntarily outside of new hire/open enrollment windows, I agree this would not be a qualifying event to join the employer's plan. However if the OP...
  19. Claiming Benefits: Re: Pre-Existing Asthma Exacerbated by Formaldehyde Smell

    did you provide medical documentation on your needs and did you ask for specific accommodations? Generally an employer under ADA is required to interactively work with you, but doesn't have to give...
  20. Re: Think I Might Have Been a Victim of a Employment Scam

    W-9s can also be requested from an employee if they are getting paid reimbursements on 1099s.....
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    Re: Overtime Pay Violations

    agree it sounds like as soon as it came to the attention of the employer they are correcting it...I don't see that as "willful".

    I dont' see where you should report anything as it sounds like a...
  22. Background Checks: Re: I Wasn't Offered a Position, but a Background Was Completed Regardless

    this isn't the only neighborhood he has posted this question in and has gotten the same answers elsewhere.

    He failed to communicate with them and didn't respond but somehow it's that company's...
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    Re: Changing Employee Classification

    Just one clarification, any change to non-exempt should be one that is meant to be permanent. Every employee can be paid in a non-exempt manner regardless of salary and duties - there is no law that...
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    Deductions from Pay: Re: Company Car and Privacy

    agree that it sounds like they are charging you for commuting miles which are nondeductible so they fall under the following unless your car is qualified as defined in the below IRS publications:
  25. Discrimination: Re: Advice - Disability - Orientation - Mocking

    "would taking 'personal time off' that I am entitled already for no reasons, but if somewhere I had put reason as 'sick child', would that count against me??"

    Yes, that would be fraudulent and a...
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